Friday 28 September 2012

What it is, and how you can get it

Having a doctorate in Applied Kinesiology and Literal Interpratation of the Bible came in handy for the situation at Illogicopedia, as it stands today. Blinkered, Philistine pig-ignorance having saturated our planet, writers of what can only be termed a silly gaggle of half-wits, miscreants, welshers and pragmatists have been seemingly on strike. The question on the President's mind, of course, is, "What's all this, then?"

Well, I'll tell you what's all this, then, right now. What it is is, the y the -izm that izm zimizm. Now before you protest, or call out to God or Satan, or whatever sky gods there be, I allow myself this vanity because... well, hell, I'm the only one here.

By the way, whoever was here before me left the coffee maker on, and now we've got a charred break room. We'll have to bring in our own beverages and make do for storage. Management will reimburse you one of those little refrigerators for under your desks, if you so choose. Otherwise, never mind.

If you've endured the drivel thus far, then... well, you have time to write something for ?pedia. I'm not saying you should, just that it's possible. Possible... pos...i...bull... interesting word... anyway, time for me to piss off.