Saturday 29 November 2008

Its the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

Apocopedia is having somewhat of a revival. The format of writing about any given situation that will end in the destruction of the world (or worse mankind) Is pretty cool and as global warming hots up we need to ask ourselves as human beings, will the constant networking of our civilization eventually lead to our demise?

In other words, as our society is more interlinked than ever, with the Internet and other communication systems then ain't we more vulnerable? Not just to hackers but... er. Anyway. If you'd watched the opening bits of Threads then you'd understand.

I want Apocopedia to portray potential catastrophes in the most realistic way possible. Even if you are about to write a zombie apocalypse then you need to asses how countries would react.
Crap, this IS a rant.

Friday 28 November 2008

Another essay on Wikia

I was lying when I said I gave you my final word on Wikia. The actual likelihood is that the closure saga might run on for longer than was originally expected, especially since the Wikia representatives have been rather quiet on 'their' Illogicopedia site recently.

Still, I've been immersing myself in past Wikia discussions in order to form a more informed opinion on the situation with Wikia as a whole. They do have their numerous vociferous critics but I am tempted to feel sorry for Wikia and the fact they are under constant pressure to pander to advertisers' wishes. After all, they are the middle men that have little real say in the big decisions - their financial situation dictates what goes on at the site, in essence. A pity, because the idea of a collective pool of knowledge that anyone can access and cite freely is an idea that even Henri de Saint-Simon would be proud of, and for all Wikipedia's well-publicised problems with accuracy of entries, for a free resource it's better than a kick in the teeth.

But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, especially where big business is concerned. It is all too easy to take the view that each and every one of Wikia's actions are governed by their advertisers, but at some point along the line they must concede that their soul is slowly ebbing away with the inevitable community departures. It could be argued that [weasel words] it's time for Wikia to admit defeat - the list of disgruntled 'customers' (if you could call them that) grows by the day is only going to get larger as long as the advertisers have their way. And would the world be a worse-off place without the Family Guy Wikia? Or the Cheese Wikia? I'd guess for most people the answer would be 'no', after all, where these sites are concerned Wikia is just acting as a glorified web host, surely?

I disagree. It's my personal opinion that the wiki is an excellent invention, a wonderful tool for communities to collect their knowledge together in one place quickly and easily. And so what if there are adverts? Not everybody can afford their own private, ad-free webhosts. So, I say the following.
If you aren't too concerned about site design and having to give up ad space at the expense of information; if you aren't concerned about dealing with corporate representatives and their stock responses to queries, then go ahead, Wikia will be an excellent choice. Be warned, though, for invariably big business is a large, capitalist farmer willing to milk you for all you're worth and whose decision making essentially seeks to benefit themself.
I still maintain that, in Illogicopedia's case, Wikia could have been more trusting and respectful of the community. The backlash is likely to be a drawn-out one, and though things are likely to be resolved quicker than the Spanking Art (this link SFW, the wiki itself may not be) situation, the whole New Monaco/Advertising dispute can't have escaped the attention of the wider press. You must have gathered by now that this thing is much bigger than the Illogicopedia.

I bid you good day, and a happy Thanksgiving season if you're in North America.

Wednesday 26 November 2008

How do you fend off a bear in a lake?

Well, I would choose a long pointy implement and a rather large boat, preferably a cruise liner or something. Alternatively, you could follow the instructions outlined in WikiHowl's article and hope the bear somehow dies from exhaustion or something.

Warning: you're gonna need a magical conch shell, which can be obtained at your local newsagent with your rental copy of Das Pussyvator.
If possible, get to land before fighting the bear. You will have increased mobility and it will be easier to land a jumping punch to the bear's maw. Maw punches will end the fight quickly as you will shame the bear into giving up.
For the WikiHowl fans among you, you might be sad to know that the site failed to win an award recently. Don't despair, though, as WikiHowl was the subject of a discussion on Kerrang! Radio a month or so ago, and will be hitting back with even more chuckleworthy Wikihow fodder in the near future. For those of you who haven't already, bookmark WikiHowl now.

The bear image is by Communi core at Wikimedia Commons.

Thoughts of the week (25 Nov)

It's time once again for some biased babblings with the Thoughts of the Week. Loads of shizmondo kicking around this week, and it's been Illogicopedia's most hectic time since, well, ever. For your delectation, a deliciously drama-free selection of musings for this week, Yak style.
  • Article Improvement Drive 2 is not far from being finalised for public consumption. This time round there's a difference: users can earn titles for their signature via The Sporadical Radicals achievement system. In addition, site wide changes are expected to be implemented, starting with some of the user portals which haven't been updated for bloomin' ages.
  • Website of the week: Forklifts Unlimited. Aside from the brilliant name, it's really created in the same spirit of Illogicopedia with the ramblings of lunatics and, well, you should just check it out. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it's maintained by one of our users - THETHINKER, proving you can never think too much. And from what I can gather it has little to do with forklifts.
  • I've proposed a new policy with regards to the use of gibberish. It's kind of been an unofficial thing since the birth of the ?pedia but I thought it was time to try and make it official. Well, I say official: none of our policies are really set in stone and are more guidelines for wiki usage. Still, gibberish is not what Illogicopedia is about - encouraging development of literary styles, on the other hand, is.
  • There's a new Illogimail, the first one in ages, addressed to the BBC. Might be worth watching this one: Auntie Beeb have a programme called 'Points of View' that regularly screen such emails complete with stupid/smarmy/cynically-tinged voice over.
  • Ellasint is taking over Big Brrother 2009. Just thought you would like to know: I'll certainly be keeping an eye on things. Last year's competition was fun and I'm looking forward to more of the same next season. Please message Ellasint with any questions regarding Big Brrother.
The image of the forklifts from Wikimedia Commons and was by Mdornseif. I leave you with this parting thought:
If quizzes are quizzical, then what are tests?
Good evening.

Tuesday 25 November 2008

"Oooooo Fender Bender!"

Hi its me, Ragglefraggleking. So here is some kind of RFK NEWS.

  • Everything seems fine after the vandal attack.
  • I see a new feature thing has been added to the blog, where it shows traffic. It says I am from Moorers. This is incorrect. I live near Moorers, but I actually live outside the town of Chazy.
  • There is a discussion about the old wiki. I like Anotherpongo's idea, mass vandalism. I also like the idea of shutting the old wiki down.
  • And that's about it. Cya Round!

The fate of the old wiki

Warning: this post contains links to W*kia websites

A discussion is currently taking place over at the old W*kia Illogicopedia as to what you think should happen to it. We urge you to have your say on this matter because, as you can imagine, it's pretty important. Well, I stopped eating my Micro Pizza just to edit it anyway.

So, stick your two-penneth worth in there and we'll hopefully be able to strike some sort of amicable deal with our former Overlords.

To the Ratmobile! I mean, er, the forum topic.

In slightly related news, Uncyclopedia are in continued negotiation with W*kia as to what they're gonna do about the domain name situation. It's all top secret behind the scenes stuff at the moment, but a progress update is imminent.

Stay tuned, because I think QI is starting in a minute.

Friday 21 November 2008

BJAODN - Buh - jow - dun?

You might be asking what the heck BJAODN is. Well, it's short for Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense, and if you've ever visited Wikipedia you've no doubt stumbled across it. It's pronounced 'buh-jow-dun' (probably) and stands for 'the funny bits' of the Free Encyclopedia. A crucial part of Wikipedia's history, it logs those 'less than serious' contributions that have since been deleted or reverted in one pocket sized page.

In recent times, the BJAODN has been all but banished from the Wikipedia kingdom as they attempt to discourage 'vandals' and 'miscreants' from adding stuff like "A easy way to test for color blindness is to stick ur finger up ur nose and hold ur leg up while singing the national anthem." Some archive pages still remain, but the landscape has been devastated and with the demise of the Buhjowdon, part of Wikipedia's soul descends to Hell via a very public toilet.
"I like to find out that I died, and that I'm currently in a ballet in China, and all the other very accurate and important things that the Wikipedia site brings us all." -- Stephen Fry on Wikipedia
I know some Wikipedians are becoming increasingly cheesed off by the site's image. Whenever Wikipedia is mentioned on a television programme it is usually followed by some mildly humorous statement such as "I visited Wikipedia and it said the Eiffel Tower was in Basingstoke". I personally love it when I come across these kinds of edits (not that I would condone vandalism) but the powers that be are employed(?!) to root out any traces of humour Wiki-wide (hence the unofficial 'Fun Police').

But do not despair, nonsense lovers! BJAODN is not dead, it has just moved house. Of course we all know about Illogicopedia, Uncyclopedia and even Wikihowl, but it seems the coverage of Wikipedia BJAODN is more comprehensive than ever. My personal favourite right now is Deletionpedia, a huge archive of some of the best stuff deleted from the Wikipedia database. Wikidumper, meanwhile, organises deleted content in blog form. A BJAODN archive website can also be found here, and provides hours of mirth for those of you with an open mind and a mischievous side.

Let's round this off with a good old fashioned BJAODN fest, shall we? All text reproduced verbatim, cos it's funnier that way.
  • Buying chocolate can be difficult at certian time sof the year, but should be easy enough if you are feeling chocolatey. Please take note that buying chocoalte can be very dangerous and if you buy too much, illegal under THE CONSUMPTION OF CHOCOLATE (United Kingdom) ACT 2002.
  • Did you ever meet Satan? (Question to Jimbo Wales)
  • No, but I think we're supposed to be on a panel discussion in Amsterdam in May. (Answer to the above)
  • A common misconception about light bulbs is that they emit light, when, in fact, they absorb darkness.
  • List of things faster than a dog - cars, dogs riding in cars, race cars.
May the first and last ones go down as classics in BJAODNian lore.

Thursday 20 November 2008

Top five million!

The Illogiblog is, in fact, one of the top five million most visited websites on the Internet right now. That is, according to Alexa Traffic Rankings, where it seems the blog has jumped nearly three million places in the last three months. This is all down to you, the Illogiblog readers, so I extend a hearty thanks to every single one of you. Next stop, number one (million).

Incidentally, itself is actually in the top six million but I expect it to overtake the blog in terms of traffic rank very soon.

Illogiblog visitors map as of 20/11/08

Recently you may have noticed I've stuck a traffic stats bar which tracks visitors on the left hand side there. You can opt out of it if you like by selecting 'options' - I urge you not to, though, because it provides some useful information about exactly who's visiting the blog. The above map gives an indication of traffic in the last week, but I reckon it'll start filling up given time.

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Wikia sucks... or does it? The Final Word... maybe.

Warning: this post is longer than the Brazilian national anthem sung by Mariah Carey on Mogadon.
"Wikia is capitalism dressed up as socialism" -- Andrew Keen
The dust has yet to fully settle on the Illogicopedia independence movement but for all the comments made in anger recently, I thought it was about time I gave my honest opinion on they that are known as Wikia. Most of this stuff I have already stated at some point or another in the last month, and you may well disagree with a lot of it but I've been involved indirectly with Wikia for a long, long while and this is my opinion on the matter.

You probably know my position on the 'keep a dead wiki open for as long as possible' situation. At the time of writing, this has yet to happen to Illogic, but the precedent is there (and benefit of the doubt can only last for so long) - the Transformers wiki now has two versions, one at Wikia, one independent.

Common courtesy says delete the old wiki and/or create a hard redirect to the new one in respect of the departing community. But since when was big business about common courtesy? Wikia is a for-profit organisation and naturally needs the cash to survive and flourish, so it is in their own interest to keep their wiki open: and let's face it, they are well within their rights. The cynical might say the reason for their actions is to run in direct competition to the independent wiki, hogging Google rank and milking the content for every penny it's worth.

Now, New Monaco might have been forgiveable if it weren't for the perceived selfishness of the aforementioned. Don't get me wrong, Wikia are committed to creating new wikis and thus expanding their knowledge bases for specialist subjects. A noble quest indeed, but again the whole situation comes down to money. In this sense I feel sorry for Wikia and those who created the project - their primary goal is being hugely clouded by their need to constantly please the advertisers.

Hence New Monaco. Hence keeping dead wikis open. Hence moving the Uncyclopedia domain name to Wikia servers. The community at large disagree with these decisions but remember: money + money = money. Money!

Personally, I am glad we jumped ship at the point we did. The Wikia service has, on the whole, been top-notch: downtime has been rare. I could live with New Monaco. I could live with the stupid advertisements (and we did for nineteen months) and the feeling of patronism involved with being 'babysat'.

What changed my mind was the community's increasing disgruntledness and disillusionment with our Great Overlords. One of our most respected editors refused to contribute any longer until we ditched Wikia, and yet others threatened to leave Illogicopedia forever. I know the situation is very similar at Uncyclopedia, too.

The co-founders have slightly differing opinions on the matter. Nerd thinks that, whilst on balance Wikia have been a good server, the time has come to move on. Sepp reckons Wikia never wanted us in the first place, evidenced by their reluctance to accept Illogicopedia into their community.

I agree in part with both but I suppose business will be business - harsh, cruel and relentlessly capitalist in its nature. This doesn't really mix with Illogicopedia's laid back ethics, so the time was right. For dancing in the streets. Which I shall now go and do, even though it's chucking it down and there's a strange man in a mackintosh.

Phew, a politics post. I need a lie down after that... don't worry, the light relief will return sooner rather than potater.

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Thoughts o' the week

Well, T3 has stated his intention to finish writing his thoughts of the week - seems that he was involved in a high speed crash with Jeremy Clarkson and no longer has the will to live write his column. Never mind, it was good while it lasted. And, to all of you Thoughts of the Week fans (yes, all 1 of you), do not despair for I shall take up the mantle for as long as I can be bothered. That's right, you get to listen to the rants of a complete madman who has never been to Yorkshire in his life! Ahem...
  • For some bemusing reason, a selection of the Uncyclopedia community want to merge with Illogicopedia. It even made the blasted UnSignpost for goodness's sake! These people clearly don't know that Illogic and Uncyc don't really mix, but let them have their moment in the sun. Next week they'll go back to watching Tom and Jerry or something. To the ratmobile!
  • As T3 reported in the previous post, the word 'Meh' has made it into the dictionary. This got me thinking... if Illogicopedia were famous enough, and we got enough people to use it, we could possibly manage to squeeze 'fnurdle' into the dictionary! Awesome, it sounds like a campaign and a half.
  • Seems that everyone is jumping on the Bad Jokes and Deleted Nonsense bandwagon these days. I still think Wikipedia made the wrong decision when they disowned part of their history and wiped them from their servers but at least a selection still remains. Oh yeah, and a lot of the people on Yahoo Answers need to be less serious about things. Hmm, suppose that goes for Wikipedians as well.
"Alternative rock is the name given to one stone when you're looking at another stone. The term was coined by photographer Edwin Blastocyst when looking at one stone and speaking about another, oddly enough." -- BJAODN
And finally, an apology for the tardiness of new featured articles. The admins have other battles to fight at the moment, all in the name of Illogicopedian independence. Till the next time, keep fnurdling and nosing the cheese.

Monday 17 November 2008


Well ya know what? Shut up!

So here's what happened:
  1. My laptop broke so I was stuck having to make short, trivial edits on my shared desktop.
  2. I got bored of Thoughts of the Week. I'd rather just post sh*t when I want other than stick to a schedule.
  3. Well... that was pretty much it.
From now on 90% of my blogs here will have nothing to do with ?Pedia. Why? Because... I dunno. So the moral of the story is I'm done with T.o.t.W whoever wants to pick it up can. And yeah. Did you hear they put "Meh" into the dictionary?

Saturday 15 November 2008

Indie-logicopedia updatification

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, it can't possibly have escaped your attention that Illogicopedia is going through some biiiig changes. We haven't 'officially' completed the move to the new servers yet as there are one or two images that still need to imported, in an ideal world. In addition, there are a few users that have yet to find the new wiki, so we intend to keep open for a while.

I must say Wikia are being co-operative with this area of things, despite the anger currently being expressed in the Illogicopedia chatroom. Their representatives, though typically blunt, are being very helpful to the departing community. The ball's pretty much in their court when we leave: their plans for the future of the old Illogic are as yet undecided. Will it be renamed to 'Wackypedia'? Will the new community decide to delete a bunch of Illogicopedia-related articles? Will a new community move in at all? Keep your eyes peeled to see what happens to your content when we announce the move - probably in the form of some sort of email or post in the Wikia forum.

Personally, if Wikia plan to keep their wiki open long term, I object to my content being held there any longer but since they aren't legally obliged to delete it it's likely to remain in place. What can I do, eh? I'm screwed on that. I have a small amount of rights to the content under the GFDL... I should have read that blasted license when we joined, not when we decided to relicense Illogicopedia's content just a few days ago. However, I shall move on as this post is descending into personal views and, well, is starting to resemble a, er, blog post of some description.

Of course, you are free to suggest your input for the rebranded Wikia ?pedia at the appropriate places on the intah-net, or even on the back of Corn Flakes packets. Or, maybe at your local biscuit factory? Wherever you feel like it, really. Careful, though, because I hear walls have ears...

AID EPOC ILLOGI - Phrubub Nose the Cheese.

Monday 10 November 2008

The case for Illogicopedia

It has come to my attention that a number of people, particularly Uncyclopedians, dislike Illogicopedia. It has been suggested that this is due to a perceived 'juvenile' image, most likely down to fact they think it is still January 2007 and Illogicopedia is littered by reams of gibberish and trashy ramble. I am here today to prove to you that this is simply not true, and whilst I am preaching to the converted (heaven forbid an Uncyclopedian read the Illogiblog...) I hope that I can show at least some of you that Illogicopedia is not just a site for kids.

It is true that there are numerous articles of 'low standard', the repetitive category being an example of that. However, the in-progress Article Improvement Drive (somewhat stalled by the move, but never fear, we'll be back on track soon) ought to sort things out to a degree, depending on the level of effort put into things. A mention must also be made of MrMetalFLower, who started the wheels moving on a campaign to stamp out "repetitives", which I shall be reviving sooner rather than later.

Another suggestion was that the front page serves to propagate this juvenile image. It must be conceded that the current design (as of about a week ago) is slightly dated, with no real positive changes made for months and months. The thinking behind this was to mirror Wikipedia, but Illogicopedia is not Wikipedia, as the experts themselves have in no uncertain terms stated. Well, I have gone ahead and tweaked one or two areas and the plan is that soon, most aspects of the front page will be revamped.

Vandalpedia may or may not be a casualty of this: though it's a much loved section of the front page, the sandal template has fallen into disuse of recent times. It could perhaps be argued that a merge of the news and vandalism templates would benefit, leaving room for some forum links and so on in its absence.

I will be taking it upon myself to make these bold changes and if anybody dislikes them, please let me know. It's important we have a front page the community is happy with.

So, er, article quality. There is no doubt that the quality of the featured articles is, like a Somerset farmer's genetically modified marrow, ever-growing. But we ask you to put these on the back burner for now and concentrate on transforming old articles into feature-worthy pinnacles of literatic wizardry. Or, just add a few more sentences.

Right, I have gone on for long enough. Once again, I thank you for (not) listening.

PS. This is the 100th post of 2008. Woohoo!

Sunday 9 November 2008

I'm back

Hi folks. It is me, Ragglefraggleking. I have took a break from Illogiblogging but know I shall be back! Okey dokey. Here's today's splash of Bathroom Genie!

Hi. It seems Illogia is finally free of the fish killing funky chunky monkey eating flabber farted Wikia. Whew! YEY! I like pie.

So, there have been a number (elevnty four) "bugs" (ew) occurring on the new wiki (both .com &.org). They have ranged from error messages, to forums not working, to internal Mediawiki errors. Sometimes it won't let you edit. But, rest assured. ?pedia is home now. And for the most part, works. So let's all give a big "Kookoochuru!" for the Illogicopedia!!!!

Next time on Bathroom Genie:
Will the pencil sharpeners eat BOB?


Thoughts of the week (Week 6, or, er, something)

Well, no T3 again for now. Last week I reported that Terminator had perhaps got him: but don't fret! He's since been reported alive and well with Saturday Night Fever star John Travolta in the depths of the Outer Bangolia flying tree forest. Anyway, heeeeeeere's some yakking for week starting 9th November.
  • The move is awesome, but there's a few bugs to iron out yet. Still, we seem to be experiencing an upsurge in wiki activity, maybe that just coincided with this momentous occasion but Illogic's definitely been more active of late.
  • It would be nice to take out some official copyright on the Illogicopedia name. Having read a comment on a previous blog post by Greenreaper (Wikifur bigwig), this seems like a cool idea and a step towards making Illogicopedia more professional.
  • Site Improvement Drive. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about this: it's just been put on a backburner whilst we're on the move. Everything's a bit hectic at the moment but when we settle in you can be sure our effort to make Illogicopedia more appealing to the masses will be in full swing. Stay tuned, and don't touch that alcohol (it's mine).
  • I pimped up the blog sidebar and tidied a few things up. There's now a 'regulars' section and the list of bloggers is now a post in its own right (see previous post). This gives me some room to add a few niceties, like pictures.
Aaaaand that's it for another week. Maybe T3 will be back soon but until then, I'm more than happy to fill in for him. Smell you later.

Your Illogibloggers

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The Illogic HQ is alive with activity, users clamouring to grab five minutes on the BBC Micro to upload their thoughts and opinions, or just play Manic Miner.

The bloggers
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The Illogiblog is always on the lookout for new editors. If you would like to join the fun, you can contact Hindles here.

Saturday 8 November 2008

Eight reasons why Wikia sucks the move will benefit Illogic

Some people (granted, they are in the minority) may have questions as to exactly why Illogicopedia is moving from its 16-month-long home at Wikia. Well, it was always an intention for Illogic to go independent... oh, right, I've said that bit loads of times before. Here are some very good reasons why Illogic is better off without Wikia:
  1. Bureaucracy. Now Monaco - we didn't agree to it but they forced it upon us anyway. Not fair, eh? We get the impression Wikia never wanted us there in the first place, they were highly reluctant and seemed to see us as a second rate piece of rubbish. They eventually accepted us into the community when they saw we attracted users, but how dare they doubt us!
  2. Adverts and Wikia spotlight. Yep, we were forced to include adverts: they were somewhat bearable but not really ideal. Both are now gone, and you can't disagree it looks miles better without them.
  3. Design Customisation. We're now free to install a selection of extensions, should we decide to use them, to improve the wiki. Aside from this, we make our own decisions about the wiki's default skin.
  4. Namespaces. At Wikia, it was difficult to install new namespaces without fuss so IllogiGames, IllogiNews, IllogiToons etc. had to reside in the mainspace. This was partly laziness on the part of the administrators, but the move allows us to readress the issue and make a 'fresh start' with it, so to speak. Now each of these is a space in their own right meaning you can search each individually via Special:Search, and they don't pop up when you hit Random Page.
  5. Interwiki Babel links. Same as above: we might have been able to do this at Wikia but the new servers make it much easier to link between the three Illogicopedias. It means that, should there be a corresponding article in French or Dutch, you will soon be able access it through the English language page.
  6. Greater links with Uncyclopedia. Carlb's servers host foreign language Uncyclopedias, so Illogic's Intercyclopedia relationships can only be strengthened by the move. Extensions and resources can be easily shared between the wikis without too much fuss, and we would have the support of the Uncyc community (well, some of it) should any problems occur. In addition, it could potentially make things easier for people to find Illogic through Uncyc.
  7. Admins can now change usernames. Binclin, Jojo Randomise, David. What do these users have in common? That's right, they've all had to create new accounts because Wikia didn't like people changing their usernames. Admins now have the power to do this freely, meaning you won't lose any edits. Wonder how long it'll be before User:Bcbkye comes along?
  8. Pageview counters. In terms of gauging Illogic's popularity, this could be rather useful. There's also a popular pages link similar to the one at the old Editthis wiki, and the reset user list gives us a chance to see exactly how many regular users Illogicopedia has. Yep, it isn't quite as advanced as Wikia's stats pages but it is quite exciting, isn't it? I'm clutching at straws here, aren't I?
Hopefully, all this has left you in no doubt that the move was right for an ever-growing wiki of our size. There's been almost universal praise of the move so far and it's easy to see why.

This post was voted post of the year by a selection of Monkeys with Typewriters and was mentioned in the news article 'Up Ya Jacksie' printed in the Daily Cheese. Also, if you are reading this, Wikia, yes it might be a bit harsh but hey, remember the old adage "Carrots overflow the burning cookie accumulator". Erm, yeah...

Friday 7 November 2008

Illogicopedia is in transition - important news!

Well, it's taken... how many months? But the Illogicopedia independence drive has finally pushed forward apace this week. Carlb, owner of servers hosting the Uncyclopedia babel project, has generously donated webspace for Illogicopedia to set up independently of Wikia. The English, French and Dutch Illogicopedias are now kindly hosted by Mr Carl at the following addresses:
Not everything is going smoothly yet though - many images still need to be uploaded, but we're working on it. Also, you will need to re-register under your old name. You can register under a new name, but you will lose all your old edits.

Expect the next month or so to be the hectic time we expected, with the transition taking place from to We're in the process of moving images, edits etc. to the new wiki BUT... and this is a big butt.... ahem... some of the edits may be lost. For this reason, it'll be a case of locating those lost edits and moving them to the new wiki. Please don't try and copy the edits across yourself, the admins will do it for you if you ask them.

The address will still work but direct you to the new wiki. And this is pretty much all you need to know for now! We ask you to make edits to the new wiki rather than the old one as it is phased out.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Wikia seem to like 'hanging on' to their old wikis - it may be a long, drawn out process whereby they refuse to close the Wikia (judging by precedent) for ages, the wiki going stagnant and dying a death. We won't let them run the wiki concurrently, we'll try and get it shut down. But not right away, we've got some work to do yet.


Tuesday 4 November 2008

U.S election nite

It's election time, and I'm making a big deal of it! I've done a bit of editing as a one off and I'm randomly obsessed with the elections. As some may now, I personally support McCain and believe Obama is a liar! And BBC are doing a staying up-all night election watch thing, and wait... some results are coming in now! Wait:
  • Kentucky for Mccain
  • Vermont for Obama
Didn't know that was coming!

P.S: By the time you're reading this the president will probably be in the White House.

Monday 3 November 2008

Thoughts of the week - Yak style

Well, I dunno what's happened to T3, maybe the Terminator got him. Anyway, you're listening to the Yak stepping in to give my thoughts o't' week.
  • Where'd Bob go? I miss his Turnip cartoons and general insantatity.
  • Congrats to Killer Fruitcake, who won the Halloween articles competition. My fave was The Green Ball but meh.
  • Supposedly we're going to approach Uncyclopedia about the independent wikifarm idea. Hopefully this will go somewhere instead of being shoved to the back of the cupboard like so many other (good) ideas.
  • The Article Improvement Drive is moving on a pace but with the Halloween writing comp over with, it's time to step it up a gear. Watch out for that imminently.
  • Illogicopedia is worth $40 (£20) a month in ad revenue. Cool eh? Think of all the propaganda posters you could buy with that...
And that's all I can think of right now. To all you people out there, fish on! Meh, it makes more sense if you've played Action Bass (PSX).

Sunday 2 November 2008

Something not about Wikia, for once

Hey, I been looking at your wiki, and I'm interested in one thing: a new Admin? I think last time this came about it was for all non-Brits, so I've got a few candidates:
  • Ryan - Isn't it about time? He has done lots against vandalism (Toby mainly) and is admin material
  • SomeWHATno2 - Good friendly user, who also does much against vandal attacks
  • Fonchezzz - Cuz he's bloody desperate to be admin, and has been at the wiki for about 2 years

P.S: Well done RFK!