Saturday 20 September 2008

Illogi Classics - #18, A Hamster on a Keyboard

More unfeatured classics from the Illogicopedia archives.

Of course, Illogicopedia would never sink to such lows as featuring the work of a hamster... or would it?! The first genuine Illogicopedia article written by an animal, you might say that "Hamster on a Keyboard" introduced a novel way of generating gibberish. However, we are not the ones to judge the works of hamsters: their societies and life goals are completely different to your average Illogicopedia reader. Bear this in mind when reading and you will surely understand why this is a classic.

The writer of the article, one Mr. Keyboard Hamster, would like to inform you that he would like some water. He is, though, apparenly a master amongst hamster novelists. Fonchezzz's hamster, in three attempts, could only produce the letter 'h', proving that hamster prose such as this only comes along once in a while.

The spin off article Hamster on a Keyboard (phenomenon) relates to hamster literature in a wider sense and how you can see if your hamster is indeed a genius.

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