Saturday 28 June 2008

Illogi Classics - #14, Silent Penguin

Your reporter: Testostereich

Oooh look! Another entry in the Illogi Classics series. This time round it's a special 'This Is Your Life' style classic focusing on everyone's favourite mute flightless bird.

Despite the obvious vanity surrounding the idea of a user becoming an IllogiClassic, I believe Seppy makes an exception... just for the sheer volume of featurettes he makes in articles.

One of the site's creators, and proclaimed IllogiGod, Silent Penguin is notorious for cropping up in articles across the wiki. Famously playing himself he usually ends up in some kind of tangle that pokes fun at his muted features. Seppy as of yet hasn't commented on hisc numerous appearances, though it is often observed users including him in their stories disappear without a trace soon after.

The Seppmeister's Filmography

Seppy factfile
  • Seppy (pictured) cannot talk but he can write and type, which is something of a miracle considering he has no fingers.
    • Edit: he uses a special machine he had built for him by Albert Einstein.
  • SP is currently the only user to have an entry at the Illogic In-jokes page, just because he is so awesome.
  • He owns an ultimate shotgun, which can kill 3 elephants and a lemur with one bullet.
And of course, no article about Silent Penguin would be complete without a quote from the man himself:

Mmmmfff mpfppf mffffff pheh muffgfgf. Phuh. -- Seppy on being inducted to the Illogi Classics hall of Fame.

So three cheers for our fishy friend!

This presentation was brought to you by Testostereich, who wrote the words n stuff, and Hindleyite, who fetched the tea and biscuits.

Friday 20 June 2008

Wikipedia parody wikis you may not have heard of

Yeah, you've probably heard of Uncyclopedia, Encyclopedia Dramatica and Conservapedia. But have you heard of these? If you're a fan of Illogicopedia or just parody in general then you might want to check some of these parody wikis out, maybe even create an account there.

The Devil's Wiki

Conveying just the facts in a satirical style, this wiki discourages misinformation and encourages new, more devilish slants on facts. A brand new wiki, it's on the lookout for new members.


Incoherent Babbling wiki

In the old days of Illogicopedia, we considered proposing a merge with these guys. What the title says, though the wiki is heavily attached to an [adult swim] forum: "if an outsider can't understand it, we have done our job...or just haven't done anything at all."


Encyclopedia of Stupid

Every article starts with the line 'you know what's stupid?' and goes from there really. Recommended if you're bored or are one of those people who think everything is stupid.



How odd. A spinoff from Illogicopedia and Uncyclopedia, it's decidedly weird. Anything odd goes, a bit like Illogicopedia but less blatant in its nonsensical content. Still in its infant stages, but worth a look nonetheless.


Compiled from the Illogicopedia forums and my brain. As ever, lemme know your thoughts in the comments section.


Thursday 19 June 2008

Illogi Classics - #13, Subbuteo vs Super Japan

A special feature in the Illogi Classics series.

Few battles live as long in Illogicopedia lore as the conflict between the super nations Subbuteo and Super Japan. Yet at the same time, few battles have induced a sense of IDGAS amongst the general population of Illogia, for this is the most boring war since the Great Remote Control Battle of 1988.

The Super Japan-Subbuteo battle meandered along for many months and resulted in the destruction of Emperor MetalFLower's home (pictured before the blitz) and the death of over 15 koalas. Huh, read the article for more info on the precise gory details.

Thankfully, the conflict ended peaceably, but with both sides taking enormous casualties and refusing to speak of the other. Hmph, thank hellk for that.
Subbuteo National Anthem begins playing, various people party, various people accidentally die of lead poisoning


Wednesday 18 June 2008

Pickle and win £££!

That's correct, people.

The new pickle writing competition is upon us!

That is to say, you don't need to use a pickle as a writing implement to enter.

But this ain't just a regular pickle - oh no. This time round there is a possibility that real prizes could be on offer for the winners. The organisers are currently in talks with bigwigs (we're trying to get Nationwide to loan us £24.50) with a view to offering you, the entrants, the chance to win a prize.

Wow! -- Shocked person

Stay tuned to the Illogiblog and the official Pickle page for big prize developments.

Monday 16 June 2008

Reasons why New Monaco sucks

The New Monaco skin comes into effect tomorrow, whether you like it or not. Don't look at me, it's Wikia's fault! The people paying for Wikia's hosting, i.e. those who like to bung the place up with ads, think it's better than the traditional Monobook. But is it really?

Warning: rants may follow.
  1. Stupid banner adverts at the top of the screen. Sure they're necessary but I do think they're drawing attention away from the content. Why not put them at the bottom? Heck, things even looked better when they were on the right hand side.
  2. Dissimilarity with Wikipedia. WP doesn't have the Monaco skin: in fact I would go so far to say as all the available WP skins are better than Monaco, and that's saying something.
  3. Where's the eye candy? It just looks a bit naff. Visually it resembles a poorly designed blog rather than a wiki. As a designer I'm getting sick of the techies having their way with things.
  4. It's selling out to commercialism. Come on, what happened to tradition? Grumble.
  5. Too much stuff going on. If the banner ads don't hog your screen space then the 'featured Wikia' and link bar bits will.
  6. It's mandatory. We were never asked about this and there is no option to change the default skin for individual wikis.
  7. Uncyc got to keep Monobook. What gives? Oh yeah, pick on the smaller wikis because you know you can't beat the big guys. Grumble, groan.
Rant ended. You may now breathe easily once more.

And now, reasons why New Monaco (gasp) doesn't suck.
Having said all that, there are some good bits to Monaco. After all, it's Web 2.0 friendly and has some cool features, such as an article rating system. Plus, if you don't like the layout you can always select your personal wiki preferences to Monobook, so maybe I should shut up.

So, the change to Monaco ain't all bad, really. I'm sure that in time we'll come to accept, nay, love the new layout once all the bugs are ironed out - I just hope that's sooner rather than later. Oh and that picture? It's Monaco, of course!

Blog logo comp - results are in

We at the IllogiBlog would like to thank everyone who entered our blog logo competition! All of the entries were great but in the end we had to choose one. Well, we plumped for a (slightly modified version of) Robomilk's entry but we're sure everyone else had fun anyway!

In a special presentation ceremony, Robomilk, pictured right with Hindleyite, was awarded a cup of, erm, milk.
Look out for more competitions in the future, including the fourth Illogic Pickle, next in the pipeline.

Sunday 15 June 2008

Oooh... fancy

The Illogiblog is experimenting with a new layout. Let us know what you think in the comments section... Mel Gibson compels ye. Careful not to stare too deep into his eyes or you've had it.

I have to go now as my microwave burger is ready, but Mel will keep an eye on things while I am gone.

Read more about the Mel Gibson conspiracy, a previous featured article, here.

Sunday 8 June 2008

Your new look IllogiNews

IllogiNews has been revamped! In addition to adding your own news headlines as usual, users can now add brief summaries of their latest IllogiNews reports.

Check out classic articles, the latest headlines in all Illogicomedia projects and the news in pictures at the new look IllogiNews page.

As ever, Illogicomedia looks forward to hearing your opinions and have set up a forum topic for you to comment on this latest development.

Monday 2 June 2008

Illogi Classics - #12, DOES THIS BUS GO TO ORPINGTON?!

More nonsense from the depths of the Illogicopedia.

Warning: attempting this will result in a punch to the mouth, especially if you are in Aberdeen.

The Orpington bus game is rather fun and should be attempted by everyone at least once before they die. Granted, you may die in the process of playing but at least you can say you did it. In heaven.

This article tells of the origin of the game, apparently a poor Indian bloke went around everywhere asking if there are indeed any buses that go to Orpington. In the end, the closest he could get was Orpvingzon.

Well, another reflection on the modern public transport system. Still, it's a fun game to play... if you like that sort of thing.