Thursday 24 January 2008

Out Now on DVD - Das PussyVator

A connoisseur of 18R rated movies? Well get yourself down to your local newsagent and get the newly released Das PussyVator today! Here's what some already satisfied customers had to say:
  • "I love the smell of german lycra in the morning" - Big Al McCheese
  • "That's supposed to be a cat?" - Some kid
  • "Meh... not enough fish" - Silent Penguin
The sequel to Media: The Movie, Das Pussyvator was first brought to the public's attention by an episode of Early Morning Television. Public demand has seen 2000 copies in glorious VHS imported from Mexico, just for you, the IllogiBlog readers!

By the way, you'll have to ask your newsagent for the film. He'll keep it under his desk...

Thursday 17 January 2008

I Have nothing to say (The going down the crapper rant)

I was going to put something about Logimalpédie, but hindleyite got there first. I am determined to write about something. So im gonna rant insted:

< rant >
Dudes, Please help Illogicopedia from going down the toilet, we are circling the vast toilet bowl of the internet in the sputum. Uncyclopedia is far closer to the plughole than we are, and much heavier, so they could be stuffed. But ?pedia is lighter, like, we give you all our various projects the forum and the IRC channel to befit the community, so please god use them. I realise that the people who read this probably are the sort of user using the wiki effectively, but I can see the wiki stagnating in the future if people don't stay on top of things.
< / rant >

So far the wiki has been great, its surpassed all expectations of all three founding members and to all our members thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my plea, if you skipped around the rant tags, you lazy arse.

Tuesday 15 January 2008


Logimalpédie is the newest cross-language version of Illogicopedia. Joining the Dutch incarnation, it is the second Illogicopedia to be created in another language. So, if you speak French, wander on down there now for much mentalism, Marseilles style. Hooyeah!

Babelfish (mainly for comedic effect):

Logimalpédie est la plus nouvelle version de croix-langue d'Illogicopedia. Joignant l'incarnation hollandaise, c'est le deuxième Illogicopedia à créer en une autre langue. Ainsi, si vous parlez français, errent dessus vers le bas là maintenant pour beaucoup de mentalism, modèle de Marseille. Hooyeah!

Thursday 3 January 2008

Retro Week is here

Whoa, groovy man. Retro week is here!

That's right. Don your 60s wigs and platform shoes because for one week Illogicopedia goes back to the past - well, February 2007 to be precise. So, groove on down to the old editthis wiki and Proboard forum for nostalgia bouts galore.