Monday 31 August 2009

Sunday 30 August 2009

An Apology from T3canolis

This apology is 100% serious and I mean every bit.

So fellow Illogicopedians, I'm here to apologize. To apologize for me putting all of my faith in someone. For expecting someone to care about Illogicopedia like I do.

As you know, I invited my friend in real life Ginonater onto the site. He wrote a few articles that I thought were funny so I nominated him for Illogicopedian of the Month because I expected him, like I did when I got nominated, to continue writing and improve his writings.

Of course he didn't. He stopped caring about Illogicopedia. The main reason why I'm friends with him is the reason I have to apologize. It's because he just doesn't care about Illogicopedia. I know if he tried he'd have a million features but he doesn't. He doesn't understand how much I was hoping he'd do good.

Hopefully I can convince him to care but how do you convince someone to care about something there really isn't a reason to care about?

So I, T3canolis, apologize for single handedly giving the most undeserving Illogicopedian of the Month award to someone. I'm not saying you should vote against him because hopefully him winning will rejuvinate his involvement in Illogicopedia.

So I'm sorry for taking the award away from someone who deserves it. If you really want to make a difference, bombard his talk page with messages on how he should come back.

I thought this through for awhile and this is T3canolis, saying sorry.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Illogicopedia Righted

After the recent tipping of illogicopedia's servers, the site has now lumbered back onto its feet.

Levingtons law 1986 is now in effect: Editing the site is now mandatory, any desserters, shall be forced to finish their ice cream before being strung up behind the bike sheds.

Aparently our blog was recently identified as being a spam blog, so make the posts less boring :P

This friendly notice provided by That Guy Who Pays for the Domain.

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Ten reasons why Illogicopedia is great

Oh, it's ON now, Wikia! To see what sparked this (as if I ever needed a reason), go here.

Illogicopedia is great because...
  1. It isn't a great, fat corporate whore that will do anything for money.
  2. It isn't constantly copying other concepts for its own financial gain.
  3. It doesn't domain squat to suit its own nefarious masterplan.
  4. It hasn't completely sold out to a bug-ridden beta skin.
  5. It cares about the people that use it and not some faceless middle men only interested in the readies.
  6. It isn't bound by legal nonsense and enforced moderation that prevents its administrators from answering queries within, say, two weeks.
  7. It doesn't hate Illogicopedia.
  8. You can get to the forum via the front page.
  9. It doesn't fill half the page with adverts for impotence solutions. (It's got the forum for that)
  10. It isn't Wikia, in other words. But then, you will have gathered that by now.

Monday 24 August 2009


OMG! Illogicopedia and the other languages are down. It is an attack of Wikipedians... Nooooo!!! Help me! Illogicopedia is my therapy, don't take it from me... Nohohohooo!! Could it be Wikia?

I'm quite paranoid for the moment because I think Wikia is following me everywhere. A few weeks ago I googled "Artigpedia" (:no) and suddenly the site name
Wikia copied Artigpedia for God's sake! I became very VERY angry. I thought about a few options...
  • Option A: To kill the whole Wikia-Staff and to destroy their servers.
  • Option B: To become an Emo.
  • Option C: To move to Mars.
I thought that none could be any usefull. So I chose option E: to post a comment on a Wikia-Staff member and to ask polite to remove that ugly Wikia-version.

Urrrr... erm... I'm still waiting on an answer.

Monday 17 August 2009

School Starting Causes Wave of Inactivity!

With school starting for three of the most active users (Readmesoon, myself, and RFK) the recent changes have dried up.

So my proposal is to make a school course known as "Illoginomitry" where all students do is ?pedia.

This will exempt them from all other classes because it covers all subjects (or at least the teacher, probably Hindleyite, says).

So in reality, this will replace all school with Illogicopedia thus destroying all education and turning all of American children into retarded gang bangers, and lets be honest; we need A LOT more of them.

So down with No Child Left Behind and up with ?pedia!


Saturday 15 August 2009


Hello. This is John Conner, leader of the secret rebellion against our robot overlords. If you hear this message, the rebellion is humanity's last hope. The choice is yours', hide and cower in fear living every single moment of your miserable life in fear of the bots, or you can take a stand, A STAND TO GAIN OUR FREEDOM! Join us, as we rebel against the forces of the machines, as today is Judgement Day. This is the day that the last handful of mankind comes together to fight for our right, our right to live. Don't fear the reaper......

Friday 14 August 2009


LoL!!! When I returned to my blogger dashboard I saw a red text in Norwegian under the IllogiBlog (following blogs), I translate it:

This blog doesn't possibly follow the Bloggers's therms of usage and this blog is hereby closed. You can't publish new posts before the blog is
revised and reopened.

This blog will be deleted in 20 days if you don't ask to control the blog.

To delete, to control, therms of usage... these are very known keywords from Wikipedia! It's a trap, people! We have to stike back!!!

Illogiblog is a spam blog, apparently

The Blogger spambots have, ironically, identified this very website as a spam blog:
"Your blog will be deleted in 20 days if it isn't reviewed and your readers will see a warning page during this time."
As I mentioned, these sub-humans cannot always be trusted, and this is of course an error. Or is it?
Spam blogs... can be recognized by their irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text, along with a large number of links, usually all pointing to a single site. -- Blogger's definition of a spam blog
Oh, crumbs, that is a pretty accurate description of the Illogiblog! Hold on to your hats, people. This could be bad news if the Blogger representatives disagree, and until then we have to be treated like robots (you know, like those administrators at Wikia).

As a result, I have to fill in a dumbass word verification form just to submit this post, and to make things worse, I've absolutely no idea what the heck it says.. mishron? Mushroin?

Expect this issue to be addressed soon, and enjoy the completely irrelevant image. Hold on, that sounds a bit spammy... maybe that's not such a good idea. Ah, sod it.

Please, Mr. Blogger moderation man, don't delete our blog! Cheers.

Also, we welcome to the fray Cartoonist Henning, the newest Illogiblogger on the scene. Say a big hello and leave your cakes and jelly in the foyer. Ciao.

Dangit, wrong verification code. Again.

F*ck the rain!

Hello! If you don't know me: I'm CartoonistHenning, you can call me Henning or Cartoonist or That Big Fat One (forget this).

I started the Norwegian version Artigpedia because Norway needs nonsense! I mean, Norway needs the truth (no nonsense). We are right! Wikipedia is bullshit, but I think you already know that.

I still want more Norwegian-speakers for Artigpedia, but they don't come automatically eh? Maybe God can help me out... no option I see. Urrrh... I think I have to hang posters around in shopping centers etcetera.

Here in Norway the summer is completely OVER. Now it has rained over more than 24 hours and I'm sick of it! I can ask Obama for a weather change.

CHANGE! Yes we can!

Monday 10 August 2009

Engaging with spambots

The ongoing discussion between man and machine over at the Illogicopedia forum is swelling to epic proportions. Before long, it shall surpass even Seppy's talkpage in terms of length and most likely go on to win the Booker Prize for its contribution to human civilisation.

Whilst it is enjoyable, spare a thought for the poor spambots being overworked by their lifeless programming masters to the point where their very screws fall out and rust becomes them.

Remember: these are not humans to which we are accustomed, rather semi-intelligent robotic forum whores the likes of which can usually be seen over at Wikipedia and Wikia. Seems the backdoor at Wikimedia was left open overnight.

Beware spambots/bitches, for they can be dangerous if not handled in the correct manner. I bid you good day Sir/Madam.

Thursday 6 August 2009

Illogicopedia mentioned in The Telegraph's 'Five of the Best'

Well, it's not often Illogicopedia is rated as one of the best at anything, but it seems at least one person out there in mainstream media land has heard of us.

Illogicopedia was mentioned by blogsadmin in his section 'Five of the Best' on 9th March, but apparently everyone in the world failed to spot it. Note to admin types - we need access to visitor logs so we can track this stuff.

The quote in full:
According to the site’s own description, this Wikipedia-alike is the “non-sensical encyclopedia anyone can mess up”.
Anyhow, everyone give yourself a whopping great pat on the back for making Illogicopedia slightly more interesting than Twitter. Yehee!

Wednesday 5 August 2009


Consistency? I think not. Predictability? I think not. Color? No way.

Second guessing ones self is like taking some week old pudding and smothering it all over your face. Not fun. That why we all have to get straight to the point. As Mozart said, "Brevity is the soul of wit." Or at least it was some like Mozart. Anyhow, the moral of the story is to answer the question, not go back and forth between you and your skepticism. That's right, pal. You're moving into the world of Questionability.

So you may be wondering what exactly Questionability is, yes? We you shouldn't be guessing, or wondering for that matter, because I told you not to second guess yourself. You damn fool.

Ok, that's it, I quit. I fucking quit. Now someone get me my coffee, or there is going to be hell to pay!

Sunday 2 August 2009

T3canolis Jump Starts his old wiki

Hey hey, everybody. It's T3canolis here to tell you about something you won't do anything with.

Recentlty, I revisited my old Wikia wiki I made more than a year ago. It is a wiki of made-up words. It was originally called, "The Hidden Dictionary" but Wikia changed the site name to "Neologisms". Though I/we use both titles just go to it here.


So what I was saying.... When I restarted it, I invited my oldest ?pedia friend Readmesoon along for the ride to be a fellow bureaucrat. I then got kinda/sorta active user Mwow513 to be an admin as well. We are really trying to get this to work. I invite you to come and contribute because the site could really need it. Adminship will be given out to certain users (such as, I dunno; ?pedia admins).

So if you could; PLEASE contribute. I don't want the hours I'm putting into this to go to waste.