Monday 30 July 2007

The True Power of Bcbkye

Okay. We all know (and fear) Bcbkye. With the recent upcoming of Illogicopedia: The Text Adventure (made by none other than myself, a personal project), Bcbkye plays a fundamental role in the game, along with various other famous figures. During the game, you might fight the Cult of Duncan, defend the Strangled Cat Party's "stash," or thumb wrestle with Chyaku Norrisu, but none of it compares to how deadly Bcbkye is the game. Want me to explain?

First off, the first legendary item of the game, the "Book of Bcbkye," should be carried, even early on when you don't have Hindleyite's Bag of Stuff to hold more than 12 items. But when you read it, you die by all of your unraveled secrets. If you try to give it to someone, the book "evades your grasp. maliciously." It doesn't resist if you try to drop it, but that's because it knows a way to irritate you.

So why, pray tell, should you carry the book? At a certain point in the game, you'll find a Brooch of Sanity; if you read the book while wearing it, you'll find out where the Grue article is; since in the game the only way to kill someone is to read their article (there are NPCs who don't have an article), the book will be invaluable, wiping out all normal grues.

Next, Bcbkye is deadly because most of the enemies are linked to him. Though often you'll find that talking to Duncanists will result in "Hail Duncan!" sometimes they will say, "Hail Duncan and the three cardinals!" One of these cardinals is Bcbkye. I'll leave it to your imagination who the other two are.

Later on in the game, you'll find yourself holed up in the forums -- OMG CHANGE OF SETTING -- but for what? Zombies. The forums have been littered with debris, brought to the brink of destruction. And all because of Bcbkye leaking the secret to bio-organic weapons.

And the end of the game... Let's just say...

Saturday 28 July 2007

In completely insignificant news

This night, incredibly powerful (honest!) technology (Dun dun dun!) allowing you to draw the line more confusingly than ever was implemented at Illogicopedia: The Confused Line™, utilizing the Confused Line Segment™! Just type <hr class="confused"> into an article and bam; a most perplexingly confuzzled line will greet the viewer of the resulting article formatting! Try it today, for the low price of Your sanity!

Friday 27 July 2007

Illogiblog featured on

That IllogiTV special feature has only been up for three days and already it's getting some attention:

How to Edit Illogicopedia and get banned

What's more, it's on the first page of results for 'Illogicopedia' at Google search. The influence of Illogic on pop culture continues.

Illogiblog is back, baby

OK, so it's been inactive recently but I hope to get more attention for the blog, mainly for Google search purposes. More on this in a later post. The new blue design may be a bit gaudy but it represents a new era in Illogibloggings. Or something.

So, check back here for the latest IllogiNews, straight from the chipmunk's mouth.

Tuesday 24 July 2007

IllogiTV: A Special Feature

Brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood oppressors.

Vandalpedia reminiscence

Run from the little fishies! They stick to the filters and EAT THE FOOD. Then catfish come and poke them away. The poor little fishies. They never had a chance.

Never kaboom, lest ye ingest the fallen ones. Hot smores, coming through! Make way for smores!

I'd like to buy a hot smore. Stuffed in a Pop Tart. In a package. From the vending machines. That don't accept five dollar bills.

Plushies are fun. Especially when they are trying to imitate little green peas with Santa hats. Also, I think I bit the inside of the side of my mouth on accident. Because it's really hurting.

More nonsense at the Vandalpedia archive

Tuesday 17 July 2007

Calling all multilinguists!

Recently, the first alternative language Illogicopedia, Irratiopedia, was created. The Illogicopedia plans to expand its languages project and if you can speak French, German, Spanish or any language other than English, you can help!

Currently foreign language articles held on Illogicopedia are listed in the Illogicopedia in other languages category. If enough interest in a particular language is generated, a full wiki may be requested.

Otherwise, we encourage users that can be bothered to create portals for languages, linking to all articles in that language. Your help can make the Illogicopedia multilingual.

Discuss this article on the Illogicopedia languages page