Sunday, 9 November 2008

Your Illogibloggers

The Illogiblog is written by a dedicated team of Illogicopedia users stationed all over the world in order bring you, the reader, the latest in nonsensical happenings from Altrincham to Albuquerque. Or, just stuff happening at the wiki.

The Illogic HQ is alive with activity, users clamouring to grab five minutes on the BBC Micro to upload their thoughts and opinions, or just play Manic Miner.

The bloggers
Become a contributor!

The Illogiblog is always on the lookout for new editors. If you would like to join the fun, you can contact Myra here.


Raggle Fraggle King said...

I seem to have been left off the list.

Hindleyite said...

Sorry, I copy pasted an old list. I'll add you now.

Raggle Fraggle King said...


Hindleyite said...

PS guys... feel free to change your description if you feel like it! I might even expand it into a mini-biography section...

Edit this post here.

Ryan Taylor said...

What about me? I are important

Hindleyite said...

Mr Taylor, you have been added.

Hindleyite said...

Updated 14/11/10. Lemme know if I've missed anyone. Cheers.

Harry Yack said...

Updated 22/7/11 to add Sensei Gruntled.

TheHappySpaceman said...

This is Dan the Hedgehog from Illogicopedia.

Sophia said...

Can you make me a writer?

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