Saturday 28 April 2007

Party name change

Party42 has changed, its no longer known by its drab old name. Party42 has become the vibrant Apathy in Action (AIA). Don't join it though, as the Strangled Cat Party is for all your cat killing needs.

Sunday 22 April 2007

The Sanity Cycle

As of 22th of Arply 2007, ?pedia now runs under the sanity cycle.

This cycle means that the names of the months of the year have changed as follows:
  • January - Jeremy
  • February - Farbleum
  • March - Arche
  • April - Arply
  • May - Aym
  • June - Yoon
  • July - Jumbly
  • August - Ergust
  • September - Serpeniver
  • October - Octodest
  • November - Novelniver
  • December - Ditzimber
These come into effect as of ......... Now!

Thursday 19 April 2007

Houses of Illogiment

Alright, see. It's like this. The evil admins have formed political parties which will, from now on, compete with each other and just generally be there for the heck of it. The Strangled Cats, the Illogicrats and Party42 will be fighting, er, I mean, whoring themselves out, for your vote. Only you don't need to vote, just watch them argue.

So if you wanna be part of the, er, 'fun', join one of the parties now and enjoy all the delightful things that it may entail.

More Info Here.

Your Right Honourable Friend,

Sunday 15 April 2007


Alright. I've decided to answer common, but illogical, questions about the administration on ?pedia. In this case, it's the ever-present question if we truly are evil. In fact, there's no denying we're evil, after all, just look at our headquarters! It's absolutely evil, is it not?

If I wanted to be more detailed, I could explain HOW evil we are, so I'll do that. If we can't eat something, we shred it, iron it, burn it, and THEN eat it. If that doesn't work, we know it's a grue and stick it's head in a toilet, giving it a swirly. Actually, all that way a lie by way of the eeble sonk. You need to know KARATE to get rid of that stuff. Darn.

On the subject of good, if you ever imply we are, we will send you to a realm of such discomfort and unpleasantness, and they we will, umm... hurt you! HUUUUUUUURT YOU! Yeah, that's it... heh... heh...

Hindleyite Pwns

Yesterday at 8:19pm, Hindleyite compleatly pwns every user on the ?pedia forum, well done on that most sad of achievements, writing too much.

Wikia IRC gateway

At last the Wikia gateway is working with ?pedia's channel, now Hindleyite can also join in on the empty chatroom. Oh what fun.

Saturday 14 April 2007

Our new Wikia overlords

I for one welcome them... with a great custard pie to the face! Ha ha! Only joking. I need that for food. Anyway, don't forget to update your bookmarks to the following address:


Don't bother. We've moved to here:

Welcome to the Illogicopedia weblog

The Illogiblog is Illogicopedia's official off-site station for news, views and general craziness straight from Illogic HQ.

Illogicopedia is an insane repository of words put together in no particular order. It could be defined as a collection of randomness, a celebration of stupidity and insanity. It's a bit like the Uncyclopedia, only we are much more relaxed in the content we accept: nonsensical articles are kept and nurtured to be of a higher quality of babble.

The blog is, however, generally more serious in its nature: topics covered offer a more reasoned insight into the Illogicopedia and its associated projects. You might even say... it is logical.

Well, some of the time anyway.


The blog has been running its Illogicopedian Classics series, which has covered some of the best unfeatured content since August 2008. As a result of their appearance on the blog, some articles have consequently gone on to reach featured status on the wiki itself.

Tabs are kept on Illogicopedia in the general Internetosphere, with the ultimate aim of creating a log of activity around Illogicopedia in the press. It is hoped that one day, this will be used to create a Wikipedia article which is not deleted within a week.

Aside from regular columns, there are the Thoughts of the Week, featured websites, Illogitoons and much, much more to satisfy your hunger for all things Illogicopedian. Check the 'features' sidebar for what else is going on this week.

A bit of Illogicopedian history

Since its inception in April 2007, the Illogiblog has been an accompaniment to the Illogicopedia and its projects, with site news and updates as well as snippets from some of the best content. It has covered momentous occasions such as the move to Wikia in April 2007 to the independence movement that dominated 2008.

The blog has undergone numerous redesigns and even launched a logo competition in May 2008. The current blog logo is an adapted version of a design by Robomilk, whose entry was selected from a grand total of three (!) entries.

An explosion in the number of posts occurred in September 2008, with a number of new editors joining the Illogiblog team. Since then, the blog has gone from strength to strength, spurring editors to create topics on all aspects of Illogicopedian culture ranging from political wranglings and heartfelt rants on the state of the wiki to irrelevant ramblings and general nonsense.

Woot, and loth I edit.

Well, I would edit this blog for a site at wikia called Illogicopedia, wow that sounded like a shameless pug for my site, heh, I guess I typed it that way huh. I say I would, but my Keyboard is broken, so I won't be able to post. And that my young reader is why you don't believe everything you see on the internet. TOASTER! oh, sorry about that, So iv got to go now because iv got to {{Insert Crappy Excuse Here|Wash my hair|Take my pet rock for a walk|go and do less important but far more enjoyable things}}, so I might type you later. So long loyal fan.