Sunday 14 November 2010

Bear Grylls is dead!

Bear Grylls, world's most famous bush man is finally dead.
This Discovery celebrity and father of 3, who survived crocodiles, snakes and many other creatures and dangerous situations, has passed away. It should have happened when he had eaten rough penguin meat on an expedition in Antartica. By the global warming, penguins's bodies have become unnaturally disordered, and eating it without cooking it will cause a nasty intoxication, which you can die of in a few minutes.

Some speculators argue that he was poisoned by the cameraman, because that man was the only witness of the tragical accident. On the other hand investigators say that a possible murder is very unlikely, as the camera man was a very close friend.


Some fans say that Grylls is a fanatic animal lover and that he possibly did zoophilic actions with a penguin, whereafter he could have been infected by a lethal virus. However, a biopsy of Grylls body never showed a kind of STD in his blood.

(Photo: Grylls on a sunny Antartic day, nearly before the mischief)


  1. Did he actually die? I love that guy!

  2. no you dipstick :P

  3. Mmm he looks as if he's going to do something rather unsavoury with that penguin. Doesn't BEAR thinking about.

  4. Your a dummy! He's not dead everyone