Monday 24 December 2007

A Christmas present

I finally got round to getting some content together for IllogiTV. The first upload is a Gallery of artistic creations by you, the IllogiBlog readers. Enjoy!

Artworks featured:
If anybody has any vids we could use on the IllogiTV channel, drop me a line.

Friday 21 December 2007

Illogi Classics - #8, Santa

A festive special in the series celebrating the best of Illogicopedia.

This wonderful Christmas tale chronicles one young person's encounter with the fabled Santa Claus. It's a bittersweet tale embodying true Christmas spirit (in July) and a town in the middle of the kleptomaniac season:

"Tis the season to nick tellies."

I saw Santa once. It was at Tescos: he said "what do you want for Christmas? Ho ho ho?" And I said, yeah, three hoes. To do my gardening, of course. He still sent me whores though - he must be going deaf in his old age. Phew, what a Christmas that was, especially considering I was 9 at the time.

Sunday 16 December 2007

A Merry Christmas to all three of our readers

Well, it isn't Christmas yet, but this year's festive period is special. No, it isn't the Second Coming of Christ or anything like that, we've got a Chrimbo article competition for you all. Enter today and you could* win some Christmas pudding and a lump of coal!

Hurry, though. You only have until the 22nd of Ditzimber (that's December to sane people) to finish your article, so get writing.

*notice I said 'could'
**Image by me, reproduced with kind permission from absolutely nobody.

Wikipedia denies existence of The Moon!

It's true! They don't have an article on The Moon!

No such nonsense at Illogicopedia, who have no problem accepting the existence of The Moon!

What's more, WP instructs me to return to The Moon! Who do they think I am, Neil Armstrong or something?

Saturday 1 December 2007

Illogi Classics - #7, The 'Where's...?' series

Another unsung classic from the annals of the Illogicopedia.

The 'Where games' series was the very first article series on the Illogicopedia. Well, there's lots to choose from here and it requires a bit of clicking about but you'd better do it or you too might face the wrath of the Obese Possum.

The Where series is useful if you wanted to ask a question but found that talking to your computer monitor illicits no response. For example:

You: "Where's the blooming lavatory?"
Computer screen: "..."

Also includes the whereabouts of Osama, so if you are looking, US Government, hint hint.

Pickle results

The results for the Illogic Pickle 1.2 have finally been announced.

Sorry for the delay, the judges have been very busy recently...

Anyhow, to get more on the winners and not winners, see the results page.