Sunday 23 March 2008

Happy Easter to our readership

Happy Easter to all Christian type people.

Warning, if easily offended, do not look at the above image, in which the Easter bunny has been brutally murdered by some kid who didn't get his Cadbury's Creme Egg.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a selection of (vaguely) Easter related Illogicopedia articles:
Hope you didn't get any of those for Easter.

Friday 21 March 2008

Illogi Classics - #10, Category:EPIC

The latest instalment celebrating the unofficial great articles of Illogicopedia.

One of the most successful projects on ?pedia, 'EPIC' covers the long-winded story-like articles on illogicopedia. Originally conceived during a grand IRC meeting this category has blossomed, with EPIC after EPIC spiralling from are ready users' fingers.
"To have an article become an EPIC it needs to be, like, this long." *makes hand gesture*
Recently the EPIC body count has risen with 4, would you believe it, 4 EPICs entered into the Illogic pickle. Veteran users have voiced their opinion that perhaps EPIC should be a separate judging category in this hallowed competition.

Sunday 9 March 2008

Illogicopedia mentioned in die Deutschland articlezen

Die Illogiopedien ist mentioned in die Deutsche press articlen! Ja, das ist richte.

Enough of that rubbishy pigeon German. It seems the Illogicopedia has been mentioned in a German article on Wikipedia parodies- not sure where it originated, but it seems to have been syndicated a few times. For those of you not proficient in the German tongue (such as I), here is a pigeon translation, courtesy of Google translation:

And to complete the confusion to make pages look like "" and "" At first glance, Wikipedia quite similar. Die Satire hat allerdings einen ernsten Kern: Sie zielt auf die Leichtgläubigkeit ab, mit der manche Surfer Netz-Meldungen aufnehmen. The satire has a serious core: It aims to gullibility, with some Web surfers messages.

Link to full article (untranslated)

Update (23/3/08)

Some other news sites such as now have an English translation. Ja bitte!

There's also a mirror at Yahoo News, perhaps the most famous of the sites syndicating the article.

Sunday 2 March 2008

Illogi Classics - #9, Eeble sonk

The latest in the series celebrating some of the best stuff on Illogicopedia that, until now, has gone unrecognised.

Eeble sonk

It is a well known fact that sonks eeble. But did you know that Eeble sonks eeble sonk? Well, I bet not. What the hellk does it all mean? Who knows, only those blessed with the insanity gene will have the answer to that. For the other three of us, the eeble is a fabled 'creature' of Illogicopedian myth: a vague concept of see in the darkness. Oh wait, isn't that a carrot? Gah, the general insanity is taking over my brain!
Usage: "I eebled the sonk," "Eebles sonk".
Often followed by "Eeeeeeeee".
I think this is correct. Any semblance of sanity has long since been lost from the phrase, so it could mean pretty much anything.

Illogic Pickle 2.1 - last call for entries

Hey, man.
Want to win a pickle-based snack?

Then enter....
the third Illogic Pickle

You've got until the 10th Arche to enter your article,
so get your butt down to the entry/information page.