Sunday 28 June 2009

Why, we have a new blogger!

Has IllogiBlog been running slow as of late? Is there a lack of consistent bloggers? Do you think this blog needs more activity? Well for not! Because....


So. Yes. Now that Readmsoon is here all of your problems are solved. Huzzah, and have a good day. Sort of.


Thursday 25 June 2009

Thursday 18 June 2009

Welcome, noobs!

And yes, according to those people that make up dictionaries, that is a legitimate word. At least in their insane little brains.

I would like to personally welcome everyone finding Illogicopedia for the first time this month. We seem to have had a massive influx of users of late, and we have certain long-term Illogicopedians to thank for directing them this way. You know who you are and you shall be rewarded in time.

Meanwhile, Jumbly is almost upon us and I still haven't booked my summer holiday. Be sure to secure yours now!

Elsewhere, stuff is happening, like a hi-tech front page revamp. It's received mixed reviews so far, but you shall not argue with the penguin or ye shall be sat upon! In other words, the pop-up CSS front page continues to be trialled. I think it's pretty jazzy but a bit experimental as of yet.

The podcast is on hiatus. Well, I knew this would happen, but other things have got in the way, and besides, we needs more content for it. Send me stuff and Illogicast #2 can be released sometime before Ergust 2020. I'll be blowed if I can think of another gimmick to make up 10-15 mins of the podcast.

Whisper it quietly, but Illogico is rapidly catching Wikipedia.

Monday 15 June 2009 status report 15th June 2009

Date: 15/6/09
Months active
: 30
: approx 50 active, actual number over 100
Main page views
: Since independence - 32,000
: 5,700
: Too many to count
Cheese sandwiches made
: Over nine thousand
Alexa Ranking: Top 600,000

Previous status report:

: 20/3/07
Months active
: 2 and a half
: approx 35
Main page views
: 3,500
: 428
: 32
Cheese sandwiches made
: Loads
Alexa Ranking: N/A

Wow, it's been more than two years since the last report. Meh.

Friday 12 June 2009

Jimmy Wales: making money from Wikipedia morally wrong

Seems we've received an indirect response from Jumbo Whales himself on the subject of paid-for-edit wikis. Kind of.

There are other ways to squeeze cash from the famously non-profit free encyclopedia, it would seem. The Register makes no apologies for the anti-Wikipedia stance in its article describing how one long-time Wikipedia administrator planned to use the site for monetary gain.

Big whoop. Once again, the slightest thing controversial happens and the mainstream media gobble it up like a fat kid does chocolate-coated crisps.

Anyhow, it seems MyWikiBiz has been attempting to integrate cash incentives into the wiki format for some time now. It largely sucks, as Mr. Wales has also pointed out, but at least it's completely honest in its intentions, unlike certain wiki farms, who I shall not name here.

You know who you are.

Tuesday 9 June 2009

David Cameron "down wid' da hood": Wikipedia

It seems that these days, not a day goes by in the world of the mass media without some sort of Wikipedia-related "scandal".

The latest of these pseudo-newsworthy incidents seems to be about some politician bloke taking some mild jabs at some other politician or other on their Wikipedia page, it's all very childish.

Aaaand that's what we like! What I like even more is the fact the media are actually bothered with this nonsense. I mean, why Wikipedia and not Illogicopedia? Furthermore, why does everyone in the mainstream press absolutely love Wikipedia? You're missing out on the illogicality, fools!

Back on subject, did you know that if something is printed on Wikipedia, it means it is automatically true? For a few minutes in December 2008, David Cameron was some kind of gangsta rapper, it would seem.

Friday 5 June 2009

..and you thought I learned my lesson...

...although I, T3canolis, remain to be the least successful person in Internet history, at starting things, I have started yet another thing. Yes. I have.

It is the "Illogic POEM Book" which I am too lazy to link up.

Hey Hindleyite! Can you link this for me? Thanks.


He'll do it.

But anyhoozle, it's pretty much like the Illogic Book but with.. wait for it... POEMS.

I know, amazing.

Anyone can contribute because I don't want there to be 100 poems and all of them be by me.

So yeah you. Contribute. Now.


Editor's note: As you can tell, I linked it up for him. Also, pointless images ahoy.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Illogicopedia destroys the world

...according to the latest literary masterpiece by Uncyclopedian semi-legend Cajek. In it, Illogicopedia is portrayed as an evil scientist who, along with Jimbo Wales, travels to Switzerland in a bid for world destruction.

I will not give too much away, as I have already summed up a large part of the article. Read the whole thing and be amazed at the sheer Illogicopedia stereotypery, in-jokery and jolly time paradox japes.

And that's all I have to say, except that Uncle Pete smells like cheese. Childish banter for the win.

Monday 1 June 2009

Vote for feature (you stupid pieces of garbage)