Saturday 30 October 2010

Agh, my eyes!

What the hell has happened to Wikia? It looks like someone installed a default Joomla template and slightly modified it to look even worse. Naturally, the content (or at least, what passes for it anyway) suffers, and the place continues on a downward spiral that's eventually gonna make it a poor copypasta clone site nobody would visit if it were the last website on Earth.

Good job Illogicopedia jumped ship some time ago, eh? Anyway, I...

Visit StiltonWiki, the wiki all about the world's favourite cheese!

Whoa man, I dunno what happened there. I was just minding my own business and this rogue advertisement for some wiki you don't even care about popped up out of nowhere. As I was saying, it's a...

Shop at Next and get 10% off at Al's Fried Chicken!

The hell, man? Right, that's enough of this. I'm off to paint my left knee green and extract my wisdom teeth.