Monday 15 February 2010

SysopDog is not amused

In a previous post/comment, Nerd talked about having withdrawal symptoms from Illogicopedia. Well, it hasn't been that bad here at Hindleyak Towers - so far I have only lost three toes and a finger whilst playing around with a hacksaw. If only Illogicopedia was up, then I could spend my time more effectively...

The continued server outage -- yep, I checked this morning and Roberto is still sat there with his air rifle -- means that for the moment we have to put up with things like YouTube and (gasp) Uncyclopedia instead, which, as you can imagine, isn't really that good for the soul. Not that Illogicopedia is, but at least it doesn't waste your brain cells in the same way as some video of a cat speaking (please don't watch it).

Sorry for this inconvenience, but please bear with us while we try to find the problem and extinguish whatever is ravaging the servers. My money is on a large rat infestation, or perhaps a Wikia sabotage attempt. The fiends! I shall dispatch of them with my trusty Swiss Army knife, blunted by repeated usage on brick walls (damn hallucinations).

Thank goodness for off-site blogs in times like these! Otherwise you may have thought Illogicopedia had died, never to return... a world in which we do not want to live, I'm sure you'll agree.

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  1. Been checking Jesus is a wiganer and following hindleys numerous blogs (and twitter) to help numb the pain.