Sunday 30 January 2011

Thoughts of the Week (30 January 2011)

Voting is stupid. The very idea of supporting an argument by any method involving incrementalism is fundamentally flawed and as stupid as post whoring on forums, at least on Illogicopedia. It's like pointless friend collecting on Facebook, or uploading horrible videos reviews to YouTube in an attempt to attract subscribers. Man, is it fun though. Trolling for the win.

And fundamentally, the very purpose of ?pedia is to be illogical, but voting on stuff is a logical way to settle arguments.

Man, I gotta stop listening to David Cameron. I'm going insane, crazier even than when I wrote 'God Save the Cheese'. At this rate, pretty sooon I'll end up like the bloke in the picture there.

Anyway, here's some daft thoughts of the week courtesy the little leprechaun that lives under my bed and brings me lager.
  • Illogicopedia is better than ever. I know I say that every other week, but I really do think we're recovering some of the old magic, ironically through the organised and formal procedure to which we're all so (supposedly) opposed. As usual, though, good old apathy wins out, so we just post a bitter message in the forum and move on as if nowt happened. Which, for the record, it didn't. Back to work, minion!
  • What happened to Carlb? Seppy said he's presumed dead but I reckon he's alive and laying low after a prolonged battle with the seemingly absent Roberto. I imagine their battles to be like out of Family Guy when Peter Griffin fights the giant chicken, so he's probably recuperating in hospital and will re-emerge just hours later completely free of cuts and scars.
  • Apparently, Oreon, the creator of Wallace Intrube is making a mockumentary about the man, due out in March of this year in case you're interested. I know I am. Check this test scene for a taster of the delights to come.

Saturday 29 January 2011

Illogi Classics - #28, Bring it on down

The first Illogi Classic of 2011 is upon us. Quick, call the fire brigade and have them remove it before it crushes us all to a fine paste!

As this article approaches its fourth anniversary, we thought it necessary to finally give Bring it on down the recognition it deserves. Actually no, it doesn't deserve any, but we're gonna do a post about it anyway.

Perhaps more notable is the above picture, included in the article, which just so happens to be one of the first uploaded to the Illogicopedia. Not much is known of the origin of the BIOD bird, though many speculate it hatched in a remote part of Scotland not yet touched by human civilisation: Glasgow.

The article itself continues on the general theme of aggressiveness initiated by the title, which challenges one to bring oneself and a cardboard box down the stairs or something. I dunno. A later addition was the infantile threat of page deletion, the image for which became just as synonymous with BIOD as the Irn Bru bird. Oh yeah, and I still have a picture of that on my userpage for some reason.

These days, nobody gives a crap about Bring it on down but that's alright because it sucks anyway.

Friday 14 January 2011


Contrary to popular belief, this web site does have a pod cast. Our podcast is called teh IllogiCast. A pod cast is... Note to self: somebody needs to write an illogicopedia article that explains what a podcast is. Hint: You need ears. If you don't use ears, you're doing it wrong.

Corn has ears? OK, use it for plant growth therapy I guess.

The podcast site is

I have casted my pod and what was cast forth can be listened to in an audible form. Let it's soothing rhythms penetrate your eardrums to infect your very innermost soul, brotha.

Get it here!

In this podcast, I cover the following things: an intro, "Shoopah", a commercial break, I AM EAT COW, "Lurg" and send me insane emails at if you want your questions answered in a future episode.

BTW, if you're interested in my other audio work, check out

Saturday 8 January 2011

wut i've been up to of late

I've been way too busy to blabble illogiwhoosits for about a year. Which is queer, but not the way you're thinking, you pervert, but strictly in the way the term "queer" is used by Moon People.

I have grown to be more philosophically inclined in the more recent Randomly Indiscriminate Time Period and have been totally gadflying the qualia off all these sophists. Yes, indeedy. And that's not likely to change, whatever Hegel says cause he's barking mad and dead cause Nietzsche totally killed that dude, and found out he was queer in the very exact sense you were thinking, you pervert, cause Marx married him polygamously along with materialism.

ANYWAYS, if ye adventurers forsooth art seeking a tabletop RPG that has no table other than the Interwebs, you might be interested in this comic and this comic and this picture and if you are interested in making those ideas real, you might want to join us for a nice round of Dungeons & Discourse sometime! It could use more peoples.

I can't really be very actively adminning much round here cause of how much other stuff I have going on in my real life but I will try to pop in a bit more often around here and maybe write a little something on occasion. I'm glad to see we're getting more admins and the site, while slow, seems to be doing well. Slowness is OK as far as I'm concerned - it's total deadness that is scary but don't be afraid of mere slowness.

Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

Monday 3 January 2011

Move over Ben 10, this is Jeremy 11

Hello! Yes. Thank you. We at the Illogiblog would like to welcome all survivors of 2010 to a brand new year of insanity, nonsense and sheer stupidity. To mark the occasion, here's a guest post from our newest Illogiblogger, Jeremy Farbleum:

My name is Jeremy and I'm the person after which the first month of the year is named, at least on Illogicopedia. As you can imagine, you have to be a pretty awesome person to have a month named in your honour, and that I am. Awesome, that is!

I am eleven years old and have been surfing the web since it started in 2008 so am aware of all internet traditions. You can ask me anything you like and I will give you an answer, though whether it's correct or not is another matter. Only joking! Because I am the best I know absolutely everything and you can quote me on that.

I also know how to squirt milk out of not only my nose but my ears as well! Isn't that cool? Bet that Silent Penguin person can't do that, hahahah! Expect to see me as your newest admin some time soon because I am very good at the Internet. I promise I will not get bored and leave in a month because I love Illogicopedia! Death to Roberto and the Guru and the Hickipedia vandal! Long live Illogia!

Anyway I have to go now because I have school in the morning and don't want to be late. Only joking, I hate school because it is boring. I know! I will go in Illogicopedia when Mr Franks isn't looking! Take that educational institutions!