Thursday 30 October 2008

Wikia... again

I personally was never really happy with Wikia to start with, they were too meddlesome in their wikis, Sannse promised that this would not be the case. Seems they turned on that rather sharpish. As for other options, despite what people say, we have more than one might think - some of them might be a little ropey, others cost money.

Now then, options:

We stay with Wikia, simple and cheap, and make a lot of noise about how they are pissing everyone off. Start an amnesty for the whole situation, suggest that community members are held in important discussions, not just hired and turned into Wikia drones.

Now for the harder ones, involving moving away:
  1. Find a new Wikifarm. Now these ones are a bit ropey on the ground, no other major wikifarm exists apart from maybe Bluwiki and Editthis, but at least they leave their wikis alone.
  2. Find a good serverfarm which allows us to run Mediawiki properly. this is another dodgy one, farms are slow and i set up a test wiki for ?pedia ages ago on one but the place went in the pooper.
  3. Start our own wikifarm. Rent a server and share the costs between all the wikis, each wiki gets a managed share of the server, good uptime assuming they don't break it. essentially we make a second Wikia, aimed at not for profit.
  4. Go entirely solo. rent a server with only us in mind. this will cost uber amounts of money compared to the above. and offers very little in advantages, accept maybe website speed.
So, those are the options, but hey, we don't have much money, so the bottom one is pretty much out of the window.

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Illogi Classics - #19, Cheesy chocolate bars

A long-awaited nineteenth instalment in the Illogicopedian classic series.

Cheesy chocolate bars

The chocolate wars are upon us and cheesy chocolate bars are the cause. Pure evil rather than pure cheese, the article dedicated to this confectionery speaks of everything and nothing at the same time. The concept of a cheesy chocolate bar is unthinkable: the destruction to the tastebuds would be unprecedented and perhaps bring about oblivion.

[ Harmonica solo ]

Illogiblog decided to experiment. We took one Mars bar, one block of cheddar and put them both in the microwave for ten minutes. Upon returning, both had mysteriously disappeared... evidence of a higher power at work? Well, no, because later that day we found the dog under the table spewing up nougat. Worth a try though, eh?

The Divine Fluffalizer ought to come back and help us know the cheese to a greater extent than the mighty Phrubub himself. THEN, maybe we can harness the power of the cheesy chocolate bar. Hahahah!

Wednesday 29 October 2008

The Illogi-car

Illogicopedia has entered a car for this year's British Touring Car Championships. Well, almost: it's sponsoring a Vauxhall Astra:

Check the scalliness! In actual fact, I was bored one afternoon so decided to make an Illogicopedia themed car on Forza Motorsport 2. The above pictures are evidence of this abomination.

Wikia vs Uncyclopedia

Word on the grapevine is that Uncyclopedia wants to go independent, breaking their long-running ties with Wikia. Over thirty users have voted for a move, but whether they'll actually do anything about it is another matter.

However, if they do move, this could be useful for the citizens of Illogicopedia.
  1. We could hang onto their coat tails and move to the new server with them.
  2. Or, watch what happens and base our transition to independent wiki on their model.
  3. Alternatively, sit back and eat fudge cake.
I vote for number three.

Meanwhile, Wikia continues on a downward spiral and before long they'll be bust. I can see it now: "Jimbo Wales buys out ailing Wikia because they just plain suck too much to go alone any more". It's an example of commercialism ruining the community: wikis should NEVER be based on capitalist ethics. Otherwise, well, you can see what's happening with Wikia...

More Wikis that want to go independent include Liberapedia, the Furry Wikia and others that I can't think of right now. Further note to Wikia: Meh, I don't care any more. Stick your Web 2.0 bandwagon jumping up yer rather large goat's bumhole.

Monday 27 October 2008

More anti-Wikia propaganda!

Well, it seems nobody likes Wikia right now. A good web host should place the community above everything and do everything in their power to keep them happy. I ain't saying that Wikia don't do this, but a lot of people seem to disagree with me - cases in point:
  • New Monaco. Nuff said.
  • The Creatures Wiki claim that Wikia stole the domain they intended to move to. Allegedly. Evidence of underhand tactics? Maybe... I would have contacted Wikia but guess what? They would have fobbed me off with a generic excuse such as "I answered this already" and not give a link to where the question was answered. Annoying? Of course!!! Pull your socks up Wikia!
  • Not even the mighty Uncyclopedia is exempt. They recently had to sell out and change their domain name to which is, quite frankly, not on. At least this proves there is no favouritism... or does it?! Of course, they're doing it for the money. I SHOULDA KNOWN!
Yes, I know Wikia are but a pawn in the capitalists' plan but, come on. Why does everything have to come down to money? Can't we just enjoy ourselves once in a while?

Wikia, find alternative funding.
Try the Dubai Group or Roman Abramovich but for goodness sake, Wikia, please think of the children community!

Cheers to for the pic.

Tuesday 21 October 2008


I'm back!

So how have you guys been doing? Not too keen, I see. Well, that's no problem, because your axiomatic loving slaver admin has returned! I shall probably be writing articles (eventually), but for now I'm dropping my opinions in, writing blog posts, visiting the forums, and listening to MP3s of bad techno.

I think that Illogicopedia V2 is a great idea, and I have nothing to add at current.

Monday 20 October 2008

Rember to water your fax machine or it will grow parmesan cheese.........

Yes, the above statement is "Stupid" or "retarded" as some of my classmates refer to it as. I say this line everyday, to a bunch of people at school. I act like a rerard, yes that is the proper pronunciation of that word, all day. People call me weird, stupid, idiot, retard, weirdo, and other stuff. I don't care. I really don't give a flying floobenargen about what they think. To them, my nonsense revolution is acting stupid.

But here, at Illogicopedia that can except the fact that you eat the bleeble sheep. That is what is so great about ?pedia. Some of my friends are like me, but they don't have internet access, or whatever or can't join our beloved website. Which stinks. I would like to thank you, the people of Illogicopedia, the nonsensical encyclopedia anyone can mess up, for the warmth and compassion (not really). But still, thank you all for embracing by brand of revolutionary nonsense, and be proud as you stand, chewing on your burping textbook.

Thank you, Raggle Fraggle King, aka Chewbacca RFK, aka RFK, aka Chewster, aka Conquistador Chewbacca Trombly, aka Justin.

Sunday 19 October 2008

So what if I felt like a blog post?

Just looking through the site this morning, seeing some really good articles. I like the way all your writing is beginning to evolve, cool examples of randomness greeted me from all angles. A few I saw and liked:BTW, I've taken the incentive and started adding to articles I come across in any way possible, I encourage you to do the same. The Push for Illogicopedian Improvement's going to be having wide reaching effects across the site, so you might as well help out. The forum is awesome people!

About now you should be wondering where's the lame self promotion so typical of these blog posts :P


Saturday 18 October 2008

Dumbass video

Yep, it's another video. I am donating this Grand Theft Auto general incompetence compilation to IllogiTV though I was originally going to upload it to one of my own channels. In true Illogicopedian style, why not revel in blowing stuff up? It's a bit of a laugh, don't take it too seriously.

Friday 17 October 2008

Fear not, my friends, for the Admins are here to save you!

You may have noticed the furore that BenedictBlade's departure caused and it has indeed been car crash wikivision.

Well, this may just be the kick up the butt Illogicopedia needs to revolutionise the wiki... and your friendly neighbourhood administrators are onto things.

This is why a proposal to improve the wiki has been drawn up. We value your opinion in this matter, and hope you can lend a word or two to the forum topic discussion:

Proposition for a brighter television set future

Please do, and pick up your free toenail clippings on the way out!

Exciting times are indeed ahead.

Thursday 16 October 2008

Illogicopedia is changing. Don't panic!

Don't worry! We aren't deleting everything!

In the last week, we have lost yet another of our more prominent users to the world of real life. At this time of global economic turbulence hecticness, I urge the users of Illogicopedia not to panic and go mental (though I can appreciate this is a way of life for many, including me).

It's a natural part of a wiki's progression that old users leave and the new guard takes over. Yes, BenedictBlade, Flameviper, Zerotrousers, Asema, Nerd, Quagsire... all names of Illogicopedia's past that have their place in its history. It would seem that growth discourages the once-strong sense of community but do not be down! It is not yet the time for drastic measures... that will come when Recent Changes all but dries up and every user is gone.

In fact, I would argue that the forum has seen an upsurge in activity of recent times. I have no graphs to back this up but I would suggest the forum is still going strong, perhaps more so than ever. In addition, the Illogiblog is most certainly more popular than it has ever been, with so many new active contributors over the last month. To those people, I say thank you very much and keep it up! The blog is healthier than ever and all the better for it.

So is the community in Persil peril? Well, no. But you can never have enough camaraderie. The solution is not to start again, but to instill an even greater sense of community amongst users so that they do not feel the need to leave.

This sense of community at the old Proboards forum (yes, one day I may stop talking about that place) was seen as more important than the wiki itself. If somebody could find a way of bringing this back without deleting everything, I will personally offer them five toenail clippings and a jar of air.

So above all, do not panic! Illogicopedia can still be the wiki you want it to be. You might not like how things are progressing but don't worry, you can be sure your trusty admins have a few things up their sleeves.

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Testicles Today

Morning all, hope you're all keeping well and looking after your balls. I know I sure am.

I was thinking of doing a thoughts of the week-esque blog entry, but because Firefox started working again on Monday, most of my thoughts in recent times have been centred around the naked female form, which I didn't think would be appropriate for such a blog as this one. ''Z'OMG Think of the children!''

Anyway, I'm not hugely up to date on Illogic current events, but there seems to be a lot of articles coming in, a lot of people entering the Halloween article competition, and a lot of naked ladies on my scree- ....dammit!

I advise you have a good day, unless you can think of a better adjective to undertake than good, or unless it's night time - rendering the possibility of a "good day" implausible for several hours at least.

:''*leaves with trousers around ankles*''

Tuesday 14 October 2008

WTF? No thoughts of the week?

Shut up. There won't be a T3pO thoughts of the week this week. Why? Cause I was busy on Saturday and said, "Eh. They won't mind". So yeah. Well I want to talk about some stuffs today.
  1. I started this really good book called "1984". Msg me on my talk page if you've read it, it's good so far.
  2. I've decided to make the page: T3canolis an open collaboration. <-- Stupidest thing ever... :-(
That's it!


Monday 13 October 2008

This week's splash of Toilet Water

Hey folks, it's me, Ragglefraggleking! And it's time for your weekly dose of Bathroom Genie!

OK, let's review a batch of dandy websites:

And that's it for the dandy websites section. Now let's interview our special guest, CHEWBACCA!

RFK:So, Chewie! What's up?

Chewbacca:Rrroar Grrl Grarln!

RFK:Cool! What color was it?

Chewbacca:Grr Argralr!

RFK:Ok, so what's up with the hair? It's kinda weird.

Chewbacca: Rarrww! Grrreeewwwlllrr! Gerrr!

RFK:Oh, crap, I'm sorry!

Chewbacca:*Rips RFK's arms off*RRRG!

RFK:So that's all for our interview! I need to go get surgery!

Now let's wrap this up wit, QUOTE OF 'DA WEEK!

"Old Mcdonal had a farm eieiooo!"

OK folks, this is Ragglefraggleking singing out!

Let the Rain of Ragglefraggleking Begin

Hello, all nonsensical buffoons out there! Its me, Ragglefraggleking! I am now an official ?blog editor! *audience claps* Thank you, thank you very much! Well OK, let's see what's happening on RFK's talkshow, Bathroom Genie.

Bathroom Genie presents:

Ragglefraggleking, live in concert at the Illogicopedia Universal Stadium!

Performing his one hit wonder, The Babble Like An Idiot Song!

But don't forget his timeless classic, The Hummer Limo Song Song!

And that's all for today on, Bathroom Genie!

Friday 10 October 2008

My first blog entry!

Hi! It only seems like yesterday when it was just Hindleyite on the blog! I've read the blog since I joined in December last year and I've always liked the idea of the wiki having its own blog to update ya with wiki-ongoings. I'm still deciding what my blog column's going to be about... Ideas, anyone?

Just a Few notes:
  • Big Brrother (me) will be choosing contestants for next year in a couple of days. Get bready!
  • I'm thinking up of a Illogipoem, and need some inspiration!
  • Have you noticed that our dutch and french wiki's are dormant? Maybe begging the Dutch Uncyclopedia might do something:).

Get ready for a new blog entry soon!

The Deadly Ghost of Spellchecking

He's at your school. He's at your place of work. Heck, he's even probably in your home right now. No, it isn't Santa Claus drunk again, or even some coked-up door-to-door salesman... it's far more serious than that. It's the Deadly Ghost of Spellchecking.

And this ain't no regular, plate-chucking poltergeist we're talking about here. The worst part about it is that, unlike Bcbkye, the children's entertainer that escaped from the mutant circus, it's always there - an omnipresent (non?)entity that will harm your self esteem more than a 12-year-old YouTube troll on a sugar rush.

This bothersome phantom will pressure you into producing perfectly formed sentence structure and attempt to force upon you its sentiments. "Think of how much better the world would be if all this "Ow RU doin?" and "B bak l8r" nonsense were eradicated... no more illiteracy in society, more esteemed authors and article writers that don't rely on fatuous gimmicks to pull in readers." (Cough, don't for one moment think there's an ounce of hypocrisy in the previous statement...)

Agh, no! I have already been affected by its presence, for I find myself constantly correcting the spelling errors in this very post. Errors in speelling and gramour that would get me thrown out of Cambridge with but a pencil and a used condom to my name (well, you don't want to know what they really get up to there, do you? Thought not! Anyway, I digress). I have to remind myself that this post is hardly likely to be read by the Head of Languages at Oxbridge, and much more likely to entertain some kid with a chewing gum addiction.

But that's exactly the point, who cares about spelling when the readers themselves give not a snot about my inaccurate, sorry excuse for a dead pigeon that I call English? I could be illiterate, or worse, a tax collector using money as construction paper for all they care. As long as the general point is conveyed, job done and give me my five pounds. That is, if it isn't made into an origami swan first...

So this ghost should not be a burden upon my (granted, sesame seed sized) intellect, there are plenty of other pretentious dung beetles that will do that for me. That, and the fact I called the Ghostbusters and they rid my house of all such supernatural beings!

Oh yeah, and 'of' in the title should be capitalised. Or should it?!

Help, Mummy I'm scared...

This post has subsequently been serialised in, erm, one Illogicopedia article. Cool beans eh?

Tuesday 7 October 2008

The retro forum - Best of!

As we know, the Retro Forum is stagnant, currently in maintenance mode. Before about April 2007 though, it was literally teeming with contributions; on March 16th 07, there were even 12 contributors online at the same time! How's that for popular?

Seriously though, many of the older users are constantly striving to get the new, wiki forum as popular. Well, I dunno if that will happen but for your amusement and for those who actually remember the old forum ("It weren't like this in my day..." types), here's a nice collection of quotes of insanity from before April 2007...
  • Jibble bibble wibbble. Beeble habloozer mahamo adermabadder. -- Hindleyite
  • In fact, facts go to prove that facts prove facts. This is factual in the most factual of factual ways, but is a lie. I shall now proceed to tell you of the wonderful animal known as the Flangaroo. The flangaroo is a wonderful animal known as the flangaroo, and contrary to popular belief it actually likes flapjacks rather than... CHRIST THAT IS SHAINY -- MetalFlower
  • Speak Germanese? I give egg roll. Happy ending! Suddenly, I bust out beer! Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest! Wiiiiiiiiiii! Nuntendo DS play launch missile! Germanese! Happy ending! Happy ending... -- Asema
  • Meyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeehhhhhhhhs, i like people -- Testostereich
And yes, they are all actual posts from the old forum. Gordon Bennett, that was freaking insane wasn't it? Phew, I need a nice relaxing bath now.. in RIBENA! Heeheee....

Sunday 5 October 2008

More Turnips!

Bit of a late update, but Bob has completed his seventh instalment of Turnips. Check it out now, Batman's Brother....

As ever, more toons at Illogitoons, cha'mone.

Saturday 4 October 2008

Featured website: Guffaw comics

Guffaw Comics is the work of resident scribbler one 'Huge Bob', also known as 'Huge' or 'Bob'. There, you will be able to view a selection of his excellent cartoons. Not much up there at the moment but still a few pleasant little drawings to peruse and 'guffaw' at. It's really mint: check out his attempt at a political cartoon (above)...

Go there now and sign the guestbook, cheeseballs!

Ooh, my microwave pizza is ready!

Thoughts of the Week (Week 4)

Another edition of T3PO's thoughts of the week. This'll be a short one.
  • I'm sick of seeing the article "The Magic Book" still up for feature. It's been there since August 1st!
  • Readmesoon for IOTM!
  • Yeah. That's it.
"Slightly Below Average Man" by TReich, HelloolleH, and I think MMF

[19:58.16]  wikia is so hot it gets men knocked up

From "Wikia". Was from IRC and said by SilentPenguin.