Sunday 20 January 2013


Guten tag, meine freunde.

Following a nice discussion with the guys at Kamelopedia, I am pleased to announce that we have finally found our German sister. Both wikis now recognise each other as foreign language counterparts, and hopefully we can also break through the translation barrier and share some material. This follows on from a discussion on ?Pedia from a couple of years back about the possibility of creating a link with an existing German-language humour wiki, rather than setting up our own. 

Kamelopedia, like Illogicopedia, are loosely affiliated with the Uncyclomedia project. They're similar to us, except they've been going for three years longer, have 4000 more articles and have an obsession with Camels instead of Bananas. Maybe there are some things we can learn from them...

Anyway, if you can, pop over and say 'hallo'. Try not to embarrass yourself, like I did, by using an unholy mix of Google translate and basic German learnt in school (choose one or the other, I'd suggest).

Onwards and sidewards!

Thursday 17 January 2013

Moving in the 'write' direction

Hi, Ben again. Yep, that rhymed. 

After Readmesoon, Frosty and I had a collective epiphany about the current state of the wiki, some things are happening. You read that right. Things.

First of all, i've posted up some ideas for what we can do to add a bit of spice to Illogicopedia once again. These include possible redesigns to the logo and/or Main Page, attracting new users and roping back old ones. Don't be afraid of the walls of text, take a look!

Secondly, the maestro that is Frosty has got the ball rolling on the third Illogicopedian Article Improvement Drive. Some of you may remember the first two; this time we're focusing on the shortest articles on the wiki. I urge you, like a cow urges milk, to contribute to this lovely project.

I'm also going to plug my proposal on the future of Logimalpédie once again, in hope that an admin reads it.

Apologies for the godawful pun (if you can call it that) in the title.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday 13 January 2013

NEWSFLASH: User abuses blog-posting priveleges

Hi, Ben here. That's right, i'm breaking the chain of Gruntled's quite intriguing blog posts to attempt to draw some attention to my proposal on the future of one of our foreign-language wikis.


Anyway, that's all. Have a good day. Or night. Take your pick.

Saturday 5 January 2013

Huh? I slept through the last apocalypse

The weather wasn't bad on the surface, last December twenty first. It's the damned high humidity that seemed to zero in on my back pain. I recall that day very clearly, in that I recall that I slept during most of that day. I'd completely forgotten that it was then end of the world. Even when some odd folks claiming to be some sort of Christians put this Horsemen Crossing sign ten feet from my house. You'd think after having to see that thing for months, I'd have remembered the big day.

I think the problem is that the Mayans, who predicted the end of the world as a recreational sport, and the Christians, didn't put their heads together on this one. As far as I'm concerned, I'd have likely been smitten or whatever in my sleep.

Anyway, I still have that sign to look at.