Wednesday 9 April 2008

Illogiblog birthday bash!

Alright, people. The Illogiblog turns 1 year old next week and wants you, yes YOU to do your bit in recognition.

We want aspiring Photochoppers to redesign the Illogiblog logo.

The best of the logos will be selected and used whenever the hell we feel like it. Er, I mean, in celebration of the 'blog's anniversary.

Image spec: 759 x 97px, JPEG, GIF or PNG etc. And that's it - the only stipulation is that you must include the 'Illogiblog' name.

Upload your entries to the Illogicopedia in the usual way and link to them in a comment to this post or drop me a line on my user talk page.

Tuesday 8 April 2008

On this day...

You may think the 8th of April is a boring day. Wrong! You forgot about all this stuff that happened on this day in the past....
  • 1872: The Pope break a toenail after slipping on a banana peel he forgot to throw away after his lunch.
  • 1900: Roman Abramavich makes his first rouble. He would go on to make 32.546 million more by investing it in a pyramid scheme involving copious amounts of Vodka and Smirnoff Ice.
  • 1923: Cornflakes with cheese invented by a bored Kentucky farmer. He nods reassuringly whilst eating them, then dies the following day.
  • 1954: New way to tie shoelaces discovered by a hanging accident.
  • 1966: The great lemonade wars begin, ending two minutes later as it is found that R.Whites is by far the best.
  • 1975: The word 'fonurblafulation' first used in the Oxford English dictionary. It is found to be a typo of 'fonurflabulation' and remedied in the subsequent issue.
  • 1977: Oxford English Dictionary writers arrested for possession of narcotic substances with an intent to spread insanity.
  • 1982: A new bird, the Garden Bennett, is discovered in deepest Congolia. It is known for mimicking human curse words.
  • 1999: Nigeria officially named 'richest nation on earth' by man in email.
  • 2006: I lost my car keys.
  • 2007: First anniversary of the car key loss.
  • 2008: Man writes article on Illogiblog.
  • 2009: Illogiblog writer sacked for unoriginal posts.
So don't let anyone tell you the 8th of April is boring again.

Illogi Classics - #11, Fnurdle

Another classic article from the depths of the Illogicopedia.


First, there was the Illogicopedia. Then, there was the madness of King Seppy. Now... I mean, then.... there was the fnurdle: a strange computer dwelling creature that evidently can burrow into peoples' heads and force them to endlessly slip the word fnurdle into sentences. So beware: now you have heard it, it's almost impossible to stop saying.

From the stable of words I definitely did not just make up and a close relation of the noodle, the fnurdle is a legendary creature in Illogicopedian folklore, ranking just below Illogia, the mighty penguin leader of Illogiland.

FLOOSHEEMUMBUMHUM. In short, an Internet meme waiting to happen. Fnurdletoot to you all.