Sunday 15 April 2007


Alright. I've decided to answer common, but illogical, questions about the administration on ?pedia. In this case, it's the ever-present question if we truly are evil. In fact, there's no denying we're evil, after all, just look at our headquarters! It's absolutely evil, is it not?

If I wanted to be more detailed, I could explain HOW evil we are, so I'll do that. If we can't eat something, we shred it, iron it, burn it, and THEN eat it. If that doesn't work, we know it's a grue and stick it's head in a toilet, giving it a swirly. Actually, all that way a lie by way of the eeble sonk. You need to know KARATE to get rid of that stuff. Darn.

On the subject of good, if you ever imply we are, we will send you to a realm of such discomfort and unpleasantness, and they we will, umm... hurt you! HUUUUUUUURT YOU! Yeah, that's it... heh... heh...


  1. The Evidence you present in this article is wrong. Admins are not evil, they are the bane of the werewolf, so take on an alter ego when the article/user distruction is needed

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  3. The very function of an administrator is to corrupt, irritate and generally spoil peoples' fun.

    Not to mention that creepy looking giant penguin named Illogia that would strip us to the bone should we not meet his nefarious demands.

    Ignore the above deletion, I left a comment as another alias...

  4. Why am I suddenly reminded of this one song...? I don't really know any of the lyrics...'cept at 4 AM when I'm trying to sleep

  5. its like, they gave me all these buttons ... and some of them are SHINY!!