Monday 30 July 2007

The True Power of Bcbkye

Okay. We all know (and fear) Bcbkye. With the recent upcoming of Illogicopedia: The Text Adventure (made by none other than myself, a personal project), Bcbkye plays a fundamental role in the game, along with various other famous figures. During the game, you might fight the Cult of Duncan, defend the Strangled Cat Party's "stash," or thumb wrestle with Chyaku Norrisu, but none of it compares to how deadly Bcbkye is the game. Want me to explain?

First off, the first legendary item of the game, the "Book of Bcbkye," should be carried, even early on when you don't have Hindleyite's Bag of Stuff to hold more than 12 items. But when you read it, you die by all of your unraveled secrets. If you try to give it to someone, the book "evades your grasp. maliciously." It doesn't resist if you try to drop it, but that's because it knows a way to irritate you.

So why, pray tell, should you carry the book? At a certain point in the game, you'll find a Brooch of Sanity; if you read the book while wearing it, you'll find out where the Grue article is; since in the game the only way to kill someone is to read their article (there are NPCs who don't have an article), the book will be invaluable, wiping out all normal grues.

Next, Bcbkye is deadly because most of the enemies are linked to him. Though often you'll find that talking to Duncanists will result in "Hail Duncan!" sometimes they will say, "Hail Duncan and the three cardinals!" One of these cardinals is Bcbkye. I'll leave it to your imagination who the other two are.

Later on in the game, you'll find yourself holed up in the forums -- OMG CHANGE OF SETTING -- but for what? Zombies. The forums have been littered with debris, brought to the brink of destruction. And all because of Bcbkye leaking the secret to bio-organic weapons.

And the end of the game... Let's just say...


  1. Hes my creation.... welllll one day i was bored. I wanted to create an article but then an angry clown bashed my head against the keyboard. resulting in me typing "bcbkye" so.... i named him bkbkye. pronounced Buhk-buh-ki. then i wrote about him. He is currently living under my bed under no fee. He kinda goes around at night stalking people. i get worried when he doesnt come back in the morning. i am afraid someone might catch him. but hes too sneaky!