Thursday 4 October 2012

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Poor Frunobulax (the dog) and Boudica, Keyboard, Mouse and Ariel (the cats) are in need of flea treatment. Laxxie tells me that the pic here reminds her of how it feels in between petulant scratching. I gave her some benedryl, and have some oxycodone to take for myself when I give her a bath tomorrow night. Then the whole pack gets a FrontLine Plus treatment.

So, as I was looking around for best prices, I found a post in some other google blog. Scrolling along, I find that I can easily link to this content in Frunobublog. As usual, I was paying half-assed attention and linked it to this blog instead.

So, here we are, with me explaining this stuff to you, posting what might possibly be among the most great logical items here.

This post (Comin' Home: How to Save 75% on Flea Medicine with a Bulk Kit) pointed me here ( It seems that I might save a butt load of money on flea and tick treatment.

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