Thursday 23 August 2007

Illogi Classics - #1, Example article

A new series highlighting the unsung articles of Illogicopedian history.

From the guts of the Illogicopedian monster spewed the Example article - one of, if not the first article ever written for Illogicopedia. Perhaps the definitive Illogi article condensed into a short repetitive ramble: self reference, nonsense, blue and red links. All these are contrasted with sane sentences to ensure the reader does not literally become insane whilst reading the article. That's why sanity was written.

The 'See also' section would prove to be a lucrative method of expanding articles so they don't get eaten by Mexicans, thus saving many from the wrath of the werevolves. So in more ways than one, the example article would set a good standard for pages to come.

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