Tuesday 13 November 2007

Illogicopedia in Associated Content article

The Illogicopedia has been featured in an Associated Content article. We get our own section and everything:

The goofy, nonsensical wiki that is more entertaining to contribute to than to read. All of the pages on this wiki are complete nonsense, and they are proud about it. There are not many users, but this gives the community a tight-knit feel. Almost all articles are accepted, so long as they are not too obscene or random key-mashing. This is a fun, fun wiki, though the entertainment and educational value doesn't come near that of other wikis.

Other featured wikis are Uncyc, Wikipedia and Wikia. Thanks to technology writer Bo, the creator of the article.


  1. hindleyite can u unblock me on ?pedia im asdf456 i am ryan i was bored and decided to do something stupid but now i cant edit please unblock my ip!!!!!!

  2. Heh, yeah, i noticed this, we even get into the page title :D The article just proves we need to get mentioned more like this, and improve our wiki's community towards our projects though.