Monday 5 May 2008

Illogic ont' web

More presence on the web for Illogicopedia, even if it is just mentions at the moment. One day, we will step out from the shadow of Uncle Pete and have our own Wikipedia article. Until then, we will have to make to do with idle chatter on blogs and second-rate news sources.

Illogicopedia is mentioned in a Tip and Trick article on spoof wiki websites, along with Stupidedia and Falsipedia.

"It is amazing what people actually believe to be true for some of this satiric information is so absurd. Young people are the likeliest victims in their absolute faith and reliance on, their online Bible. People rarely ask where the information comes from (it must come from somewhere) as long as it is convenient to get the information. Furthermore, Wikipedia has built up its reputation as a reliable online source for information."

Eh? I thought all the stuff on Illogic was true!

Meanwhile, MSN Encarta occasionally throws up some Illogicopedia results in its definition pages. Take Braininess, for example.

Seen an article about Illogicopedia somewhere? Let me know about it.


  1. Can't we just make our own wikipedia article about us

  2. We could but it would get deleted due to their web notability guidelines.

    We'd need:

    a) more news coverage
    b) someone to help us make a good standard WP article

    Having said that, there's no stopping us creating our own Wikipedia article at Illogicopedia.