Sunday, 28 September 2008

Thoughts of the Week (Week 3)

Hey. T3PO here with another edition of "Thoughts of the Week".
  • This IOTM race is tight. I wonder what will happen if it's a tie...
  • Readmesoon deserves to run away with next months' IOTM. He is a beast, flat out.
  • I'll ask the questions here! Gameshow is awesome. And I got half a point!
  • All of the haters of "Interviewing Your Shelf", shut up. That is so funny.
  • "Are you Freaking Kidding Me?" Is queued. Yea.
  • I want an epic...
A Day in the Life of a Golf Ball, by Readmesoon

"I got on the bus sat down and by the time I arrived at my destination it felt like I had been fucked up the arse." --From Public Transportation by Avril Troll


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