Monday 30 March 2009

A floating reader? Join Illogicopedia!

This is a message to all Illogicopedia's floaters -- that is, casual readers that drop by every so often to see what's going on.

Did you know that you can
create your own account at Illogicopedia? It only takes a minute and you don't even have to enter an email address. Creating an account will give you more visibility and authority on Illogic, so don't be afraid to sign up now for free condoms*!

There's a bunch of other benefits too, but it mainly allows you to edit stuff under a more identifiable name. Oh yeah, and feel free to create your own articles, too.

*Free condoms obtainable via the NHS. Please quote Illogicopedia, but be careful not to overdo the insanity thing or you'll be locked up or something.

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