Sunday 9 October 2011

Big Brrother is back in Town

Yes, you heard right. The IllogiGame that debuted way back in January 2008 will be returning at the start of next year as a token of celebrating the 5th Anniversary of our wonderful Wiki. For the first time in four years, 5 lucky users will become housemates in the Big Brrother hoose for around a month, competing in Wiki-based tasks, conversing in the house and trying to round up enough votes to save them from the weekly eviction. This time round everybody (both housemates and the ?pedian public) will have the chance to vote to save their favourite users, with all housemates being up for eviction this week.

So, How do I enter this fabulous competition?
, I hear you ask. Well, in the coming weeks I (Ben) will be inviting members of our community to have the chance to compete in 2012's Big Brrother.

Click here to watch the promotional video

1 comment:

  1. Yay! The first Big Brro ended up being one of the most popular things on the wiki. Will this new one be as successful? Who knows? You decide! :P