Wednesday 14 March 2012

The discerning mind

Bilbo Endive
88 Uvula Proxima
Rat's Tangle, London, UK

Today's shipment of belching hyenas will be a bit short, so please bear with us as we make up the difference in land dolphins. As always, remember to treat raw hyena meats with motor oil as a prophylaxis against implantation by space aliens and Belgians.

While visiting our facility, please bear witness to the many wonders and cackling horsies as they impede your vision of a better tomorrow. If you can read this, you are too close... to something dangerous, like fanged meats, perhaps. Beware the nonchalance and indignity, as it's catching. So is your mum.

Yours In Christ,
The Doldrums


  1. I hate those land dolphins, always attempting to usurp the dominance of humanity. I bet the head of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (A REAL THING!) is a bloomin' dolphin. Not really that voluntary after all then, eh?

  2. Speaking of dolphins, thanks for all the fish.