Thursday 24 May 2012

The Anti Wikia Wiki Alliance Wiki

Roberto has struck on its servers too, hasn't he? Shoutwiki has encountered some heavier problems than Uncyclomedia has had. The wikis over there have been down since autumn last year, if I'm correct.

What's next? An Anti-Shoutwiki Alliance Wiki on

Does somebody know more?


  1. Shoutwiki is not Roberto's evil doing (although another wiki with an AWA-like agenda, *is*).

    The Uncyclomedia problems (where 'sophia' has been off-line for a month with a dead power supply but all of her data is duplicated on 'roberto' so nothing is lost) look minor compared to Shoutwiki having gone down entirely in March and only partially returned in May with many entire wikis still missing with "database not found" errors.

    There has been a third-party effort to archive the wiki data and has been listing Shoutwiki among a group of "Pre-emptive Alarmbells (Likely To Die)" because of the March 2012 outage and one previous severe outage. Shoutwiki does not disclose how many servers they actually have so it's difficult to estimate to what degree their system is exposed to a single point of failure.

  2. My guess is that Wikia exercised their considerable power to pull a few strings and have the AWA site exterminated. :'(