Sunday 20 January 2013


Guten tag, meine freunde.

Following a nice discussion with the guys at Kamelopedia, I am pleased to announce that we have finally found our German sister. Both wikis now recognise each other as foreign language counterparts, and hopefully we can also break through the translation barrier and share some material. This follows on from a discussion on ?Pedia from a couple of years back about the possibility of creating a link with an existing German-language humour wiki, rather than setting up our own. 

Kamelopedia, like Illogicopedia, are loosely affiliated with the Uncyclomedia project. They're similar to us, except they've been going for three years longer, have 4000 more articles and have an obsession with Camels instead of Bananas. Maybe there are some things we can learn from them...

Anyway, if you can, pop over and say 'hallo'. Try not to embarrass yourself, like I did, by using an unholy mix of Google translate and basic German learnt in school (choose one or the other, I'd suggest).

Onwards and sidewards!

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  1. I keep thinking that logo is in fact an elephant holding up a paper bag. :P

    Also, I wanted to post here to break the string of 11 spam comments. *Prepares grill*