Thursday 17 January 2013

Moving in the 'write' direction

Hi, Ben again. Yep, that rhymed. 

After Readmesoon, Frosty and I had a collective epiphany about the current state of the wiki, some things are happening. You read that right. Things.

First of all, i've posted up some ideas for what we can do to add a bit of spice to Illogicopedia once again. These include possible redesigns to the logo and/or Main Page, attracting new users and roping back old ones. Don't be afraid of the walls of text, take a look!

Secondly, the maestro that is Frosty has got the ball rolling on the third Illogicopedian Article Improvement Drive. Some of you may remember the first two; this time we're focusing on the shortest articles on the wiki. I urge you, like a cow urges milk, to contribute to this lovely project.

I'm also going to plug my proposal on the future of Logimalpédie once again, in hope that an admin reads it.

Apologies for the godawful pun (if you can call it that) in the title.

Thanks for reading.

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