Friday 14 September 2007

Illogi Classics - #3, Large Concrete Structure

A series celebrating the unsung articles of Illogicopedian history.

This article has roots in the early days of the Illogicopedia and the Proboards forum which was used prior to the site's move to Wikia. Working on the historically successful format of taking puns and blowing them out of proportion, Large Concrete Structure is the essence of nonsense with its randomness and subtle article pimping.

The 'band' approach should not work. Yet it does because the pun overpowers it.

An article that will surely go down in history as an Illogi great if not just for the references to Woody Woodpecker, Tony Bear and Eeble Sonks. E. People will, in future, shout "Large Concrete Structure!" to express their disgust. Trust me. Nobody else does.


  1. Damm fine article, damm fine!!! It's one of the best "Large Concrete Structure" articles in the whole frigging universe - and what a sexy creator too

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