Thursday 6 September 2007

Illogicopedia is not Wikipedia

Illogicopedia is not Wikipedia. That's the advice from the heckspurts.

Elsewhere, with the demise of BJAODN on Wikipedia, its wiki is now open.

The Illogicopedia is now 9 months old.That's older than my dog! It's also over 9,000 minutes.

Did you know...

...Illogicopedia is the 105th most popular Wikia wiki, with over 1600 pages?
...that that's more popular than the Danish Uncyclopedia, the Swedish Memory Alpha and Pirates?
...Illogicopedia has over 50 active users, including 6 admins?

Remember to spread the word of Illogicopedia on the web. Extra points if you get a mention on television! Also, don't forget the official ?pedia forum/website banners.

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