Tuesday 15 January 2008


Logimalpédie is the newest cross-language version of Illogicopedia. Joining the Dutch incarnation, it is the second Illogicopedia to be created in another language. So, if you speak French, wander on down there now for much mentalism, Marseilles style. Hooyeah!

Babelfish (mainly for comedic effect):

Logimalpédie est la plus nouvelle version de croix-langue d'Illogicopedia. Joignant l'incarnation hollandaise, c'est le deuxième Illogicopedia à créer en une autre langue. Ainsi, si vous parlez français, errent dessus vers le bas là maintenant pour beaucoup de mentalism, modèle de Marseille. Hooyeah!


  1. c'est fantastise. hindels, now your gonna have to add the logo to the top bar, or get rid of both :P
    Anyway, welcome foreigners

  2. Good idea... that IllogiBooks logo looks a bit out of place.

  3. Okay, off topic.

    I was blocked for a week for removing the trash template from a good article, removing a warning from my page when I didn't do what they accuse me of doing and for EDITING FORUM:NO MORE. THIS IS NOT FAIR. WHY SHOULD I BE BLOCKED FOR THIS????????