Thursday 24 January 2008

Out Now on DVD - Das PussyVator

A connoisseur of 18R rated movies? Well get yourself down to your local newsagent and get the newly released Das PussyVator today! Here's what some already satisfied customers had to say:
  • "I love the smell of german lycra in the morning" - Big Al McCheese
  • "That's supposed to be a cat?" - Some kid
  • "Meh... not enough fish" - Silent Penguin
The sequel to Media: The Movie, Das Pussyvator was first brought to the public's attention by an episode of Early Morning Television. Public demand has seen 2000 copies in glorious VHS imported from Mexico, just for you, the IllogiBlog readers!

By the way, you'll have to ask your newsagent for the film. He'll keep it under his desk...

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