Tuesday 12 February 2008

Illogicopedia classifieds

The Illogicopedia requires one caretaker to clean up discarded haddock and biscuit crumbs from the office carpet.
  • Pay: five pence an hour
  • Perks: you get to keep any Kit Kats you find on the floor
The Illogiblog requires one opinionated drama queen.
  • Must have past experience of attention seeking (3+ years)
  • Must be completely insane
  • Pay: sense of inflated self esteem
Illogicopedia is looking for one hamster to improve article quality.
  • Must know how to work keyboard
  • Must be toilet trained
  • Pay: nuts
All applications must be sent to Silent Penguin, Somewhere, c/o someone. Don't forget to quote the Illogiblog for your free toilet roll*.

*Not available in all areas**.
**In fact, only available in Seppy's flat.


  1. are you looking 4 a hamster cuz here i am!!! ps i have rabies!!!

    visit my site www.societynonsense.wetpaint.com

  2. You're hired. When can you start?

  3. When you get MrMetalFlower to unblock me. All i did was create a page on the link User:RandomDude/My Dumb Article. HE deleted it IDK why and i just made it again. So why am i blocked????? I dont get it????

  4. THis Raggle FRaggle King. Sorry i forgt passwrd. Ps if you are an admin can you give me and Benedict Blade permission to make another political party??? It would be a BIG FAVOR.

  5. I could find his flat! I'll burn it down like they have done with council houses in my area!

    Ummmmnnnn.....Yeh. Ragglefraggle rocks

    Ummmmm......THE BA JIBBLE PARTY!