Sunday 2 March 2008

Illogi Classics - #9, Eeble sonk

The latest in the series celebrating some of the best stuff on Illogicopedia that, until now, has gone unrecognised.

Eeble sonk

It is a well known fact that sonks eeble. But did you know that Eeble sonks eeble sonk? Well, I bet not. What the hellk does it all mean? Who knows, only those blessed with the insanity gene will have the answer to that. For the other three of us, the eeble is a fabled 'creature' of Illogicopedian myth: a vague concept of see in the darkness. Oh wait, isn't that a carrot? Gah, the general insanity is taking over my brain!
Usage: "I eebled the sonk," "Eebles sonk".
Often followed by "Eeeeeeeee".
I think this is correct. Any semblance of sanity has long since been lost from the phrase, so it could mean pretty much anything.

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