Tuesday 8 April 2008

Illogi Classics - #11, Fnurdle

Another classic article from the depths of the Illogicopedia.


First, there was the Illogicopedia. Then, there was the madness of King Seppy. Now... I mean, then.... there was the fnurdle: a strange computer dwelling creature that evidently can burrow into peoples' heads and force them to endlessly slip the word fnurdle into sentences. So beware: now you have heard it, it's almost impossible to stop saying.

From the stable of words I definitely did not just make up and a close relation of the noodle, the fnurdle is a legendary creature in Illogicopedian folklore, ranking just below Illogia, the mighty penguin leader of Illogiland.

FLOOSHEEMUMBUMHUM. In short, an Internet meme waiting to happen. Fnurdletoot to you all.

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