Tuesday 8 April 2008

On this day...

You may think the 8th of April is a boring day. Wrong! You forgot about all this stuff that happened on this day in the past....
  • 1872: The Pope break a toenail after slipping on a banana peel he forgot to throw away after his lunch.
  • 1900: Roman Abramavich makes his first rouble. He would go on to make 32.546 million more by investing it in a pyramid scheme involving copious amounts of Vodka and Smirnoff Ice.
  • 1923: Cornflakes with cheese invented by a bored Kentucky farmer. He nods reassuringly whilst eating them, then dies the following day.
  • 1954: New way to tie shoelaces discovered by a hanging accident.
  • 1966: The great lemonade wars begin, ending two minutes later as it is found that R.Whites is by far the best.
  • 1975: The word 'fonurblafulation' first used in the Oxford English dictionary. It is found to be a typo of 'fonurflabulation' and remedied in the subsequent issue.
  • 1977: Oxford English Dictionary writers arrested for possession of narcotic substances with an intent to spread insanity.
  • 1982: A new bird, the Garden Bennett, is discovered in deepest Congolia. It is known for mimicking human curse words.
  • 1999: Nigeria officially named 'richest nation on earth' by man in email.
  • 2006: I lost my car keys.
  • 2007: First anniversary of the car key loss.
  • 2008: Man writes article on Illogiblog.
  • 2009: Illogiblog writer sacked for unoriginal posts.
So don't let anyone tell you the 8th of April is boring again.

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