Tuesday 24 February 2009

The Norwegian Illogicopedia is open!

Well actually, it has been for a while but I forgot to write about it before now. CartoonistHenning has took it upon himself to craft the Artigpedia - which is just like Illogicopedia, but in Norwegian. Cool beans, eh?

In other news, the Illogicopedia is literally shooting up the Alexa rankings and has now hit the giddy heights of 1.4 million. I would suggest this is something to do with the fact the Illogiblog, which accounts for a whole load of extra traffic, was recently moved to the illogicopedia.org domain. Pretty soon we will achieve our goal and overtake Wikia and of course Wackypedia, that abandoned ghost town of a wiki. Mwhahah! Take that, W*kia!

Oh yeah, and have a good Pancake Day.

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