Sunday 27 September 2009

Oh my God, I have a blog!

Oh my...

Seriously, WackyWikiapeeedia is running again! What can we do? Erm...

If I met Angela on the street, I would:
  • take my shotgun and shoot her in her hands as she can't type anylonger.
  • shoot her in her feet, when she said that she types with her toes.
  • ask her politely to kill herself.
  • ...
No, I think we can just stand and watch :(

I almost forgot to say that I have a Blog. I've recently started it. The blog is about everything and is written in Dutch and Norwegian (by me of course). It calls "MENSA RERUM" (Latin for "table of things"). Visit it here.

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  1. needless whoring, my brain hates it very much.