Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Illogico World Cup party

Join us tonight for a fantastic evening of World Cup related festivities. We've got items and foodstuffs representing each of the countries taking part in the 2010 competition over in South Africa, a bit like the Walkers World Cup of Flavours but a million times better. Walkers suck anyway.

Representing the Samba Men, we've got our own Brazillian nutsack Mr. Testicle-reich, who, quite confusingly, will be supporting British Antarctic Territory who don't actually have a team at these finals.

We've plenty of kiwi fruits to represent New Zealand, and a collection of inflatable scale models of Ayers Rock plus some Four X to keep the Aussies happy. There's also sushi (Japan), chilli (Chile, heheh) and pizza (Italy) to keep us placated when the cheeseburger (USA), fish 'n' chip (UK) and kebab (Greece) supplies have diminished.

Silent Penguin will be making his world renowned Danish bacon on toast, whilst Fluffalizer will be sobbing into his Swiss roll at the fact Sweden never made it to South Africa. They did qualify, actually, but got lost on the way from Stockholm when a bunch of nudists ran in front of the team coach.

So join us from 13 o clock yesterday evening for footy fun and frolics with the Illogicopedia administrators. We promise we won't give you a Chinese burn. Oh yeah, they didn't qualify either.


Anonymous said...

Woo, now just to fit "freezing my nips off" into the Antartic national anthem.

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