Tuesday 3 August 2010

Illogicopedia returns to full functionality

Congratulations to Carlb, the winner of this week's Super Saviour Award
(which isn't a real award, more some meaningless title I made up just now) for reviving VFF from the brink of internal combustion with his expert coding knowledge.

The DPL bug is now fixed and we can all go about our everyday wikilives just the same as we used to. Well, kind of. I've forgotten half of the wikicoding and have to make do with copy-pasting from Uncle Pete, but then haven't we always just done this, in reality?

Never mind about that for now though, for even though activity here at Illogico Towers currently ranks as average, with only the odd user popping in for an extra-strong cup of coffee (laced with paracetamol or similar over-the-counter drug), hopes for August are quite high.

The Illogicopedia spin-off, No Ammo, expects to triumphantly launch to a chorus of 'mehs' sometime before September, and talks are already underway to somehow transform Illogico into the social and economic powerhouse it once never was. Well, we can only hope.

More on these issues as and when my coffee arrives, which at this rate will probably be tomorrow afternoon.

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