Wednesday 22 September 2010

Journal of a bear griller... Deluxe

Yo, what's up, Illogicopedes? This particular yak has been taking an unannounced break from the stresses and strains of wiki life, and for that you are free to berate him until the bovines come home. Which they will never do, because I slaughtered them for sustenance on my Bear Grylls-style expedition into the unknown. By which I mean the Real World (gsap).

That's right: I grilled bears for lunch in the wilderness of deepest, darkest UKasia, a continent largely untouched by human civilisation. There were loads of strange monkey type beasts though. Huh, didn't say anything about them in the brochure...

Aside from the aforementioned adventures, I have taken to shouting profanities and the television screen and recording it so that generations to come may know the sheer aggression built up during an endless X Factor marathon whilst heavily juiced up on some 21st century mind-altering liquid. That's Coke, by the way.

Anyhow, to those that have joined since my absence, I extend you all a hearty welcome with this gut I sliced straight from some poor cow's insides. It's mighty tasty, trust me.

If you happen to be a vegetarian, I apologise for making you read all that. Until next time, marry a bear.


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  2. Ricardo, eh? Are you a friend of Roberto? If so, please kindly smack him round the head with a frozen fish. Cheers.