Sunday 20 March 2011

Uncyclopedia vs Illogicopedia: Battle of the Ages

Ever since man first picked up a keyboard and mashed randomly at its keys in a drunken fashion, he has craved an outlet for such endeavours. An outlet which accepts his vision of 'art', or, more often, stuff made up in the space of less than five minutes. His thirst would be quenched in the latter part of the Noughties during the so-called 'Golden Age' of the humour wiki.

First, there was the Uncyclopedia, the content free encyclopedia anyone can edit. Man latched on to this new invention, proclaiming its inclusionist culture a gift from the gods; no longer would he have to rely on a crummy Blogspot blog with one design template for his pointless thoughtdumps.

Some years later, Uncyclopedia brought forth much waste, out of which was born the Illogicopedia. The two wikis were polar opposites, members and supporters of the latter generally eschewing the deletionist ideas upon which the Uncyclopedia had now built its condominium (heh, condominium) of Internet society.

For three years, never the twain should meet. 2010 saw things change, however, in a dramatic overhaul of Illogicopedian sensibilities. Well not really, but it became obvious ?pedia had changed much since its 2006 inception, now resembling its uncle in not only appearance but content as well. Uncyclopedians could now make the 'leap' to Illogico with relative ease, assimilating with its culture and mating with its females with much promiscuousness.

Illogia welcomed the Uncyclopedians with open arms, awarding them Nutri Grains and bits of left over pizza from the back of the fridge. All was well, for now.

Then, in 2012, the Illuminati collaborated with beings from the planet Rodallega 5 to stage a fake invasion of the world, causing mass hysteria and much unrest among the general populace.

Silent Penguin was shot in the face and could not be revived through regular means of resuscitation and human CPR techniques. Carlb was mortally wounded and both the Illogicopedia and Uncyclopedia servers irreparably damaged in a series of devastating attacks led by Roberto and Francis Winkler. When questioned, they simply replied "we did it for the lulz."

It was the EDians. They had killed the humour wiki, using Winkler and Bob as pawns in their morbid game of chess with users the horrified victims. Illogicopedia and Uncyclopedia were dead.


  1. Bet you expected the villain in this piece to be Wikia, didn't you? Well I've had enough of ripping on them for one weekend.