Wednesday 2 March 2011

Winter is dead. Long live March!

Well, I would use this space to mourn the passing of Wikia, which is now all but dead thanks to the mass exodus as a result of Oasisgate --I wonder what Jimmy Wales has to say about all this?-- but I know you're all sick of that so I'll try and discuss other, more weighty issues instead. Like, which is better, Monster Munch or Space Raiders? Darkgenome reckons the former even though the latter is cheaper. Personally, I prefer tomato flavour Thingies, which seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Must... check... eBay...

All of which grasping for a topic proves I'm dry of Illogicopedia-related issues right now, thanks to real life issues too mundane to recount here. Besides, you want to hear about silly stuff like consumable chewing gum and self-dusting dusters, don't you? Thought so.

It's been more than a month since our last update --there were no posts in February, oh noes!-- so I decided it was time to stick my nose in here and inform you that nothing much is happening. If you are bothered about such things, I believe the Illogiblog will be celebrating its fourth birthday at the beginning of next month. I would have arranged a surprise party but, thanks to the terms of my probation order, some blokes are stood on my front doorstep, preventing me from setting foot outside so buying candles for a cake is out of the question. They're also monitoring my Internet access so I shall keep this as brief as possible.

Until next time, enjoy this item which I grant to you, free of charge save for a one-off fee of your sanity.

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  1. Does your hamster ever get tired of running on his little wheel? Give him every hamster's dream: the perpetual motion machine!