Tuesday 10 April 2012

Analysis of the Illogicopedia 404 page:

"Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties"

- This feeble apology attempts to make out that it is 'on your side' by insisting that Roberto is genuinely sorry for expelling the website from the web.

"Try waiting a few minutes and reloading."

- As the website is usually down for days at a time, rather than minutes, this is a scheming plan to waste your precious time - as in the meantime, Roberto destroys everything that is important to you. Indeed, while you are sat there refreshing the page like a fool, evil is at work.

"(Can't contact the database server: Unknown error (roberto))"

- This shows that Roberto has hijacked our servers, and is cutting off all contacts to the outside world. We must coax him out of our database by whatever means possible.

"You can try searching via Google in the meantime.
Note that their indexes of our content may be out of date."

- By telling you to search Google for pages that are quite clearly offline, Roberto is yet again wasting your time for nefarious means. He also tries to affiliate with us again, describing all the pages we have spent so much effort on as 'ours'.

But Roberto is not one of us. He is satan in wiki-form.


  1. Yessss. I love how when Illogicopedia goes down we all become all tetchy and analytical. Funtastical! ;)

  2. Does this mean our web site needs an exorcism? This isn't like how they taught us in Internet Science Class

  3. Agh, my bottom is experience technical difficulties :/