Wednesday 1 August 2012

Illogicomedia Foundation Lives On

It's hardly a secret that Illogicopedia's pseudo-parent organization, the Illogicomedia Foundation, is a barely-visited, rarely-updated spam haven managed by slackers who rarely find the willpower to peel themselves off the bedsheets before the crack of noon, let alone actually show up and put in an honest day's work. However, about once per year the Benevolent Dictator for Life does consent to make a token appearance to do minor cleanup...

This year he came to the undeniable conclusion that "maintaining a wiki sucks", and as a result, the IF wiki has been closed to the public (i.e. spambots), and the content is being migrated to a new corporate presence.

Rest assured that this too will be neglected, but will look much cleaner year round, maintaining the illusion that your donations are indeed hard at work.

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