Thursday 19 June 2008

Illogi Classics - #13, Subbuteo vs Super Japan

A special feature in the Illogi Classics series.

Few battles live as long in Illogicopedia lore as the conflict between the super nations Subbuteo and Super Japan. Yet at the same time, few battles have induced a sense of IDGAS amongst the general population of Illogia, for this is the most boring war since the Great Remote Control Battle of 1988.

The Super Japan-Subbuteo battle meandered along for many months and resulted in the destruction of Emperor MetalFLower's home (pictured before the blitz) and the death of over 15 koalas. Huh, read the article for more info on the precise gory details.

Thankfully, the conflict ended peaceably, but with both sides taking enormous casualties and refusing to speak of the other. Hmph, thank hellk for that.
Subbuteo National Anthem begins playing, various people party, various people accidentally die of lead poisoning


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